Use Crushing Equipment to Minimise Waste Storage and Manage Recyclables

Cans, glass bottles, paint tins, oil or grease drums are all waste and recyclables that can be compacted using crushing equipment. From spirits bottles to standard size 205 litre steel drums, there is a crusher available to reduce the waste footprint of your restaurant, paint shop or other business.

Crushing equipment, regardless of size, perform one function – crush metal or glass into the smallest size possible. Aluminium, steel and other metal cans and drums, once empty, do not take up any less space in the waste bin than they did on the shelf. This becomes a problem when disposing of large amounts of this materiel or preparing it for the recycler to collect. Employing a suitable sized crusher on the premises of a restaurant, cafeteria, or other food service business will reduce the storage space needed for these recyclables or waste.

Empty cooking oil tins, glass bottles from spirits or simply aluminium soft drink cans can be reduced in size quickly with the appropriate sized crushing equipment. A 20 litre crusher can be used to reduce oil tins and institutional sized food cans to the size of a dinner plate. Crushers can handle about one tin per minute on the average depending on the cycle time of the machine. Glass bottles from spirits or soft drinks can be reduced and collected using a bottle crusher or bottle buster. Up to 80 glass bottles can be reduced and collected in a 20 litre bin with one of these chute fed crushers.

Aluminium beer cans, soft drink cans and other similar sized aluminium tins can be crushed and formed into blocks ready for the recycler. Popular heavy duty can crushing equipment will produce blocks of crushed, formed cans weighing up to 25 kilograms. These models are usually chute fed and completely automatic in operation.

Paint shops and auto repair garages can add a 20 litre crusher to their equipment and gain control over oil and paint tins. Crushing equipment is also available to reduce standard 205 litre steel or aluminium drums to a height of about 120 millimetres. Crushing these tins and drums allows the storage space in the shop to be reclaimed and reused efficiently.

If your business uses a high volume of tins, drums or bottles in its operation; properly sized crushing equipment is a must. Contact a knowledgeable recycling equipment consultant to determine the right crusher for your business.