Insanity Workout Program- The Perfect Tool to Keeping Fit and Healthy

Exercise is and has always been the way to go in order to keep fit. Before you start an exercise routine or class, you need to see your doctor. They will tell you how healthy you are and how rigorous the exercise sessions need to be for you to do them. They will also give you the green light whether you can start or not. Keep fit as a general rule is always good, but if you are starting any fitness program for the first time, it is advisable to see your doctor.

Insanity Workout Program is a new and interesting way to keep fit. This exercise program, as the name suggests is very insane. It will do for you in as short as 60 days, what all the other fitness programs promise to do in 1 year. The program entails working out for 6 days per week, for the duration of 60 days, using the 10 DVDs which come with the exercise program. You also get with the package, guides as to the type of diet you need to be on in order for you to have the energy to do and complete this insane program.

Veteran Shaun T and Beachbody teamed up to put together the Insanity Workout Program.  Shaun T has had years of experience in choreography working with people like Mariah Carey and Elephant Man. A dancer by profession, he has always been interested in choreography and keeping fit. He partnered with Beachbody to come up with this insane workout program. It is a total body workout that will make you into the fit and buff person you always knew you were.

Insanity Workout Program has 10 DVD, which is geared to help you achieve this goal. They are:

  1. Dig Deeper & Fit Test
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit
  3. Cardio Power & Resistance
  4. Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery
  5. Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
  6. Core Cardio & Balance
  7. Max Interval Circuit & Fix Test
  8. Max Interval & Plyo
  9. Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs
  10. Max Recovery

Each DVD set up is geared to get you in the shape you desire by this insane time of 60 day as the program promises. Mind you, you need to be prepared to stick with the intensity and the have the kind of dedication you will need in order to complete this program.

Insanity Workout Calendar and Personal Training Fitness – Team Up to Success

Good lifestyle habits, enough rest sleep and good exercises are ways to keep our mind and body healthy and relax from external stressors. However, can routine exercise maintain your best fit and figure? How will you exercise if you have hectic schedules and responsibilities at home? How can you follow a day-to-day work-out? Do you know how to start the insanity workout calendar when you work out? If you are confuse about insanity workout and how it works when you exercise then you should get take this time to understand its benefits, considerations and impacts on someone who follows it religiously.

Insanity Workout Calendar during Exercises

Essentially, there are lots of benefits that you can directly get out of this simple guide. The following are just few examples:

  1. A day-to-day insanity workout for your various body parts (e.g. thighs, chest, upper and lower arms, back, butt, waist and legs, as well as exercises for your heart.
  2. You can easily track your previous exercises because they are written on each box of the calendar (e.g. pure cardio, abs, cardio recovery, core cardio and balance, fit test and max interval circuit, plyometric cardio circuit)
  3. Rest days are scheduled on your calendar
  4. Going to gyms, getting a trainer and attending costly fitness programs are not your choices anymore.

What are the considerations to remember when using insanity workout calendar?

  1. Always mark your finished exercises by “X” to prevent repetitions
  2. Place your insanity fitness schedule on the places that you usually stay (e.g. desk, kitchen, bathroom)
  3. Do not exercise if you are not feeling well or possessing symptoms of one disease (fatigue, fever, colds, muscle and joint stiffness, headache)
  4. Refrain from repeating one exercise and avoid escaping.
  5. Always follow your routine daily exercise to get wonderful results.

What are the impacts of following insanity exercises thoroughly?

  1. You will never overuse the same sets of your parts, such as back and arm exercises
  2. You will develop fit, healthy and model-type body though this all-in-one complete package
  3. Better schedules and rest days for the users
  4. Tracking of your exercise records is complete and organize

Getting video tutorials on how to use this type of workout schedule is also advisable.  Personal training fitness is not easy if you don’t have guide with you just like insanity workout calendar. This is to ensure that your muscles are all exercised in the most appropriate way. Hiring a coach to assist you is another one important thing. Try to contact some of the fitness personal trainers in your area, get their contact number and look at the services they offer. You may get a visible model-type body with the best program.