Zoom Clone: A high-tech video conferencing app to converge all marketing strategies

It won’t be a surprise if said that Zoom is the premium video conferencing platform in the year 2020. In a world where marketing is playing a pivotal role in any business’s growth, marketers are trying many innovative ways to sell their products by increasing the visibility of the customers. And Zoom is now offering many distinct ways that could let them market their services and products.

We already know that Zoom has already been accelerating towards an impressive trend. Apart from just video conferencing, since the app is now acting as a new marketing platform, there is no second thought that there will be a revolution sooner. Some would feel that Zoom marketing is complicated, but it is easier. As many consumers have turned towards the video conferencing industry to connect with others, this can become the best opportunity for anyone ready to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

Here are some points of how any dedicated entrepreneur can cater to millions of people to market their business apart from just offering a video conferencing experience after developing a Zoom Clone app.

  • Promotion of products

We all could have seen Ashton Martin or Omega watches in many Hollywood films. In the same way, through the video conferencing platform, a host can discuss their product throughout the presentation or when they are given a turn to speak—during the meeting, calling out to the customer to use a service or product. The host could wear a shirt to promote their product or service throughout the session at the least.

  • Billboards by screen sharing

Either at the start or end of the meeting, the host can promote their services using the screen sharing feature. Though it is going to be just a simple presentation, it will attract the attention of the captivated viewers for sure. The host of the meeting or some attendees can be requested to change their background as well. The experience can be something that reflects their brand, service, or product.

The banner can contain a simple message or a slogan and a call to action. The host can also share the link to their website via chat at the start or at the end of the session because it is essential to get the customers exposed to your services after the marketing message.

  • Sponsoring

For event-based marketing, sponsorship is not a new concept. The video conferencing platform can be an excellent opportunity to gain a financial incentive by having a sales pitch of a product or a service before, during, or after the meeting. Now think of the growth of podcasts. The sponsors finance these podcasts, which also enables an increase in the production value of the service. And the hosts get an incentive.

There are various ways with which someone can offer the samples that can lure the attendees into trying your product. As offering samples of the products is an excellent method of marketing, integrating ways to provide the samples to the attendees is highly encouraged.

  • Infomercials

It is one of the conventional marketing techniques we all know. A great way to promote your product or service is to host a meeting with the unique intent to discuss its details. It had resulted in better ways when they were demonstrated on Radio, live events, and TV.

So, the meeting can be made interactive when the attendees or customers, in this case, are given a chance to raise questions or when they are encouraged to comment in the chat. This will increase customer engagement, and thereby, it can help you bring them further deep into the sales experience. 

  • Social engagement

Your video conferencing platform can be integrated with some features or prompts, where customers could share and engage with services, brands, and products. To increase brand awareness, call to action messages that request feedback or feature to follow on social media platforms can be helpful. It not just connects with the brand, but also improves the loyalty of the customers.

How to generate revenue?

We can actually see that marketers are highly driven to their goals in making the consumers hooked to their products. As a result, you can employ some marketing strategies where the customers’ attention would be pulled to the information website. It is an excellent method, as they will become more motivated to absorb information.

Marketers see this as a great chance to generate interest in their products like never before. Marketing through the video conferencing platform enhances the digital marketing strategy, including email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per marketing, etc.

So, you could see that the video conferencing platforms can act as the best marketing platforms too. With the advancement of technology, people would find its use in many other ways, just like they started to use it as a marketing platform.
On the whole, your idea can never go wrong if you invest in Zoom Clone script. They are high-graded solutions that can turn your vision into reality in no matter of time for a highly profitable business. Get started now and launch a sleek app!


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