Tricks to Make Your Kitchen More Modern

Your kitchen is not just any space; it is a reflection of your own life! Surely you desire to have a proper space in your kitchen where you can enjoy long breakfasts and afternoons of cooking and fun.

Below are few of High end kitchen designs:

  • Scandinavian Style Kitchen

The white table, the straight lines and the light colour together with light furniture will make your kitchen a Scandinavian palace. You can also opt for a central island like the ones from IKEA in white that gives you extra storage and workspace. The result of combining white with touches of colour is a modern, fun and functional visual game. Combine wide horizontal doors with square ones and the knobs with the handles to give it a more Nordic touch, in your kitchen, the choice is yours! 

  • Rustic Style Kitchen

Traditional fronts, stone countertops, and traditional-looking appliances will give the kitchen a rustic feel. If you also want to define this style, even more, you can play with details such as the moldings and vintage-style handles. One last detail? Traditional-looking tableware and wrought-iron accessories will embroider your new rustic kitchen.

  • Modern Style Kitchen

Bring the fun into your kitchen! The combination of open and closed storage in the kitchen with countertops at different heights is practical at the same time; it may seem unusual. Still, they will attract attention precisely for that reason. Full-colour doors will fill the living space, and the combination of vertical and horizontal cabinets will also be very eye-catching.

  • Urban Style Kitchen

For the most daring, modern and urban kitchens. Combine the warmth of a wood finish with the modern and urban air that the metal handles and legs provide. Incorporate small design touches with daring lamps, metallic details or glass elements that will make your kitchen space with unique airs.

How to choose the colour in the design of your kitchen

One of the most complicated moments when deciding on the design of your kitchen is choosing the colour of the furniture and countertop. There are a large number of factors to take into account for High end kitchens Strathfield because it will be an important decision when you are thinking about the design of your kitchen, the decoration and the rest of the elements that will go in the room. The colour will condition the entire design you select for the furniture.

The factors that you have to take into account are:

§ The colour of the walls. You will always have to think about combining these two elements in the best possible way—Wall and furniture colour. In addition to tiles, there are many more options for finishing your walls, whether they are platelets, wallpaper, decorative board, etc …

§ The material you choose for the countertop. You must think of the perfect combination of furniture and countertop so that everything is in harmony. In addition to the compact quartz countertops that you all already know, there is a wide variety of colours and materials, whether they are wood, granite or porcelain countertops.

§ The floor also plays an important role, since sometimes, we are conditioned by the material or colour of the floor, and we are not willing to change it—both material and colour influence when you are designing the interior design of your kitchen.

 If you don’t like the floor in your kitchen, but you don’t want to make a reform, a good option is vinyl floors, with a multitude of different finishes, and for a very reasonable price.