Window Repair Guide: What’s Involved and How Much Does It Cost

Essex is home to many traditional and gorgeous houses with fascinating windows, needing maintenance from time to time. Common signs that a window needs repairing include a sudden change in room temperature, spike in energy costs, or structural defects on or around it. This comprehensive guide will shed light on the factors and costs associated with the most common window repairs Essex.

  • Rotten Wooden Windows

Signs: Wood decaying and rotten frames.

Causes: Deterioration of wood due to wet and humid weather or poor painting.


  • Cut out damaged/rotten wood.
  • Insert new seasoned timber.
  • Fill it with filler or putty.
  • Use preservative fluid to treat the wood.
  • Finish the wood by applying primer followed by painting.
  • Renew any cracked or loose joints.

Cost: Depends on the damage and materials used, such as epoxy (£20), professional service to replace rotted sill (£70-£190), and removal and rebuilding of the window (£225- £525).

  • Broken Window Panes

Signs: Chips, cracks, or scratches.

Cause: Storm, being hit by any object, or abrasive cleaners.


  • Take out the broken panes.
  • Replace them with double-pane glass assembly.
  • Apply clingfilm on both sides of the pane.
  • Re-install the panes and seal them with sealants or putty.

Cost: Depends on the size of the window. Replacing double-pane assembly (£3-£11 per square feet), broken pane repair (£85-£350), and installation of glass by professional (£75-£225).

  • Damaged Sash Windows

Signs: Broken cords. Jammed or stuck pulleys. Uncontrollable sliding.

Causes: Moisture between the panes.


  • Remove sash from frames.
  • Apply candle wax or linseed oil to pulleys.
  • Dismantle the timber beading.
  • Smooth distorted wood.
  • Remove sash paint by burning or chemical strippers.
  • Insert beading using brass screws.

Cost: Repair of sash could cost £30-£190 depending on the window size and type.

  • Foggy Window Panes

Signs: Foggy condensation.

Causes: Contractions and expansions due to heat. Damage to the exterior coatings.


  • Take out and replace the glazed sealed panes.
  • Defog the panes with solutions.
  • Drill small holes through glass panes.
  • Use a blow dryer to heat the glass.
  • Repair the panes with putty or wood molding strips.
  • Seal the holes.

Cost: Depends on the window size and pane types. Defogging of window panes could cost anywhere between £90 and £450.

  • Cranky Window

Signs: Air passes through gaps, and difficulty in opening the window.

Causes: Accumulation of dirt, paint, or grit in track and balances, cracked caulking.


  • Break the paint seal using a putty knife.
  • Scrape old paint and putty.
  • Clean tracks and balances.
  • Seal the gaps between the frames and the wall.
  • Install plastic cavity closers when refitting windows.

Cost: Taking professional help could cost £40-£200.

Windows go through much wear and tear with the passage of time and many other factors. As a result, you might see rotten window frames, foggy window panes, or broken window glasses. Repairing is an effective way to overcome these issues and restore the charm of your house. We hope that residents will find this guide useful when opting for window repairs Essex.