Recycled Plastic Chutes Make Recycling Simple

At home, we use a significant amount of plastic containers and bags on a daily basis.  It’s difficult to imagine the massive amounts of plastic produced by a commercial enterprise.  Recycled plastic chutes help businesses sort and prepare plastics for shipping to a recycling center.

In Australia, local councils are moving towards completely prohibiting the disposal of plastic waste in landfills. Plastic waste is one of the biggest causes for increased water and soil pollution. Plastic recycling offers the most effective method of disposing plastic consumables.  Putting a recycling process in place within your business does take a bit of effort to start, but once it is in place it requires minimal management. 

If you are planning to implement a recycling procedure, plastics can pose a bit of a challenge.  One of the key principles to be followed while recycling plastic is that different types of plastics cannot use the same recycle process.  Plastics of different colours, and composition are identified by using standard codes.  Usually these codes are stamped on the bottom of a plastic container. 

Plastic materials with the same code can be mixed and recycled with other plastics of the same code. So this introduces a couple of challenges.  First, the challenge is training employees to look for these identifier codes. This can easily be solved with a short introduction to the process.  This can be delivered in person or by online video. 

The second challenge is providing a way to sort and collect like plastics.  Recycled plastic chutes help solve the second problem.  Setting up collection points which include recycled plastic chutes is a solution for collecting, sorting, and storing plastics.  Employees only have to know the type of plastic. 

Employees are trained to look at the plastic recycling code on the bottom of a container.  Placing obvious identifier labels on each recycle plastic chutes door makes it obvious which chute to use for a type of plastic.  Employees simply deposit the plastic into the door of the plastic recycling chute.  The item drops down the opening into a storage container. 

Arrangements are made with the local recycling company to pick up the plastic products.  They may empty the storage containers or simply load them up on a trailer for transport.  Then they provide an empty container for the next collection period.

In some implementations, there is a crushing and baling system included in a commercial recycling system.  The recycled plastic chutes channel the plastic refuse into a crushing system where similar plastics are smashed into cubical bales.