Rediscover Great Hearing by Using These Devices

Hearing Aid Charger

PowerOne Pocket Charger for Hearing Aid Batteries is a revolutionary device for charging Hearing Aid Batteries. This tiny device will recharge chargeable batteries in 2.5 hours, and the batteries must be the rechargeable types. The charger is manufactured to charge one or two batteries and they need to be ACCU types. The category of ACCU types are sizes; p13, p12, or p10. Each battery has the allotted slot for insertion in the Hearing Aid Charger which comes with the charger when purchased.

This unique Hearing Aid battery Charger needs no electricity to work as it uses Lithium Polymer batteries which need no charging. It is able to charge an ACCU size 13 battery 18 times before the Lithium battery needs to be recharged. This is good news, as persons who need to be out and about who uses hearing aids; they are able to take this PowerOne Pocket Charger with them and be confident in knowing they will be able to recharge their hearing aid batteries as needed. Another feature of the Hearing Aid Charger is its ability to stop charging the battery partly through and disconnect it from the charging device; which make for longer battery life and service.

Hearing Aid Batteries

The PowerOne ACCU Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries are ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. Based on the manufacturers claims these Hearing Aid Batteries do not contain mercury, lead or cadmium that are hazardous to the environment. To ensure the reliability of these rechargeable batteries they go through strict safety and quality checks at the factory so they meet all the requirements and standard for purchase. These high-performance NiHM batteries are manufactured to last for a long time before the need to be recharged, so consumers investing in these hearing aid batteries mean a good buy.

Your hearing is a very delicate and needed part of our daily existence, and when we discover the gradual loss of this wonderful part of us we must ensure we make every effort to arrest it for a long time. Using quality, reliable Hearing Aid Devices as well as a reliable hearing Aid Battery Chargers and Batteries will help in our fight against hearing loss. Your doctors will advise as to the best for you, but, it is up to you to do the needed research as to what is available. No other person can make the decision as to the hearing device you need, better that you, and while your doctor will make recommendations, the decision in purchasing is solely you own, with your Doctors’ advice of course. So research and choose wisely, and as recommended by the manufacturers of PowerOne Pocket Charger for Hearing Aid Batteries and The PowerOne ACCU Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries, the specifications and claims are overwhelmingly convincing as to the sound investment you will be making. Choosing to purchase these devices  will not only save you money but will have you feeling secure in knowing you hearing is in the best care that modern technology has to offer.