A complete guide on how to become a python developer

Ever thought of becoming a developer? You may consider the python programming language. There is an increase in demand for python developers in the market today more than ever. Python has become popular and offers a solution to many different areas.

To become a python developer is a journey and something you can begin and be an expert on overnight. You’ll deal with backend components and app connections with third-party website services as a python developer. 

Steps to become a python developer

1. Gather enough knowledge on reading and writing in python

You don’t need specific experience or background to become a python developer. It’s easier to begin from scratch, but not without mastering the Python programming language and acquiring a particular set of skills.

Python is a versatile, popular programing language and the best first language you should learn as a beginner. It’s concise and easy to read. After learning, you’ll use it in many areas, from software development, web development, machine learning, and even scientific applications.

As a newcomer, you’ll find learning python easy and intuitive. All you need is a python programming course to help you learn faster to read and write in that language. You can be sure after the course you’ll be feeling like a python pro within a short time.

Once you decide to become a python developer and looking where to enroll for a course, don’t go far. Many professionals are offering online courses on Python programming. Go to the internet and search for reputable course providers.

You may even buy credible books. Several authors have written widely about python, and you can grab a beneficial book to help as you work to become a python developer. Besides books and online courses, you can acquire a lot of information and knowledge from the internet.

2. Develop your skills by working on python projects

Having learned about reading and writing in python, you now have the set of knowledge you require to become a python developer. However, you need to build on that knowledge by undertaking a fun project. The project sharpens your skills and makes you ready for any challenge in the future. 

Here are a few python projects you may start with while growing your skills.

Making a website

By now, you’ll have to learn python frameworks like flask or Django. Using them to build a website will be an excellent idea. It gives you a great experience with python. To create a website may seem obvious, but it’s among the best projects you can begin with as you learn how to become a python developer.

 Creating a game 

Though this may not be the first thing to come into your mind when thinking of python, it’s a great idea as you grow your python skills. Pygame, panda3D, and pyglet are among the libraries you can use to create games using python. Having a kid will be a bonus point since they can test it out for you.

Building a web service

Python is widely used in building web services, and you would want to check whether you have gained enough knowledge by doing it. Creating frameworks like a flask, again, and the falcon will help you master how to become a python developer.

Collection data from the internet

Many companies and individuals are using python to fetch data. Multiple libraries exist and will help you perfect data collection skills using python. 

3. Create a portfolio of projects you have accomplished using python

You have gotten enough knowledge, skills and began practicing how to become a python developer. It’s vital to establish a portfolio of projects you have done with python. It helps to showcase your work.

Even when you aren’t actively employed, you can build your portfolio daily. Take advantage of that time and develop project ideas you can implement and add to your GitHub. That allows you to show an employer you have enough knowledge on getting your hand dirty with code.

4. Attend the python conferences and workshops

Becoming a python developer doesn’t end with gaining knowledge and completing a few projects. Many meetings are held annually to promote the programming language. Attending such conferences enables you to meet well-experienced and leaders in the programming industry.

You can learn many skills from those conferences. Besides, you may be having questions on how to become a python developer. You got a chance to get answers to all the questions during discussions at the conference.

Apart from learning and growing your python experience from your peers, python conferences provide you a platform to showcase your skillset. That increases your chances of getting an employer if you have learned to become a python developer and not gotten active employment.


You need to master the python programming language to become a python developer. Though there are many things to learn in python, you will appreciate it since you can use the knowledge in different areas from app development to data collection, analysis, and machine learning.

To begin with, you’ll be required to learn the essential python concepts. They include arithmetic operators, primitive data types, semantics, basic python syntax. Object-oriented programming is another area you need to be aware of. Begin your python development journey today and achieve greatness. Many opportunities are just waiting for you.