Scale the on-demand business online with our roadside assistance app like uber

Traveling to places or going on a journey are some of the best moments in our lives. Today traveling has become a passion for many. Travelers don’t seem to mind the distance at all when they plan. They hit the road to seek the thrill of life, and we live life on the very edge. Living in this modern age, travelers have found some digital solution to navigate but are unprepared and unaware of mishaps that might happen.

Smartphones have revolutionized our outlook and lifestyle entirely. The apps in them are the soul and flesh for a phone. So many apps that have clear cut purposeful usage have solved the many needs quickly. Talking about apps and how fast a person finds solutions to our daily problems is astonishing. Taking a look at how fast most of us move towards the morrow, we are all used to having things at once.

Taking a closer look at what we read above, we see two digital markets helping the masses enjoy life’s journey. When things don’t go their way, and they find themselves in trouble on the roads, help can arrive in the form of an app for roadside assistance.

This roadside assistance app holding the most significant demand can be put into a digital script with the team of skilled professionals. Helping the people who are traveling a long distance or the ones that are commuting can make use of a roadside assistance app like uber. 

The need for the development of uber for tow trucks app

Most of them maintain their vehicles with great care. They get them serviced before taking them for a long ride, considering their safety and the ones that are driving. Yet, any well-maintained vehicle is susceptible to minor or a major breakdown. Depending on where the vehicle grinds to a halt will decide the trouble of finding a mechanic. The drivers are often left waiting to find a mechanic, and otherwise, in the cities, the driver can find a mechanic relatively soon. 

In the event of an accident, tow trucks are used to clear the highways’ damaged vehicles as quickly as possible to avert more such incidents.

Entrepreneurs wanting to offer a solution and eyeing the vast market for on-demand business opportunities will need a quick and sensible way to help the stranded. A quick solution can be a road assistance app, which will be simple to use and take the frustrated driver through a supreme user experience. Designed with the user-centric features in mind, uber like tow truck brings immediate hassle-free solutions. 

Our fluid action features can be customized to match your requirements.

Primary features of the User app

  • Creating an account

Users have the option to fill in their details in the particulars or can sign in by synching their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

  • List of services

This is a display soon after the user logins and can see the list of services provided in the app with that job description.

  • Booking the service

From the list of services, the user can choose a needed service and enter the location for assistance to reach them.

  • Multi-platform payments

Within our app is the digital wallet that helps a cashless transaction along with other various payment platforms.

  • Location tracking

The user has a separate window for the location tracking map and can view the location’s details where the service is provided.

  • Service reviews

Once checked for the completed work, the customer can write a review about the services provided and rate the service provider.

Splendid features of the Service provider app

  • Provider registration

The tow truck service provider creates a service account by providing the legal/vehicle documents by scanning and uploading them via the app.

  • Add the services provided.

After brief setup guidance provided in the app, the service provider can lock the services they will offer via the app.

  • Service management

The provider can set up opening and closing hours of operations and have the liberty to accept and deny the app’s requested services.

  • Profile management

This personal page is used to add the service provider’s name, address, service limitations, etc.

  • Integrated mapping setup

This map helps the service providers to send their assistance to requested locations by traffic-free short routes.

  • Revenue records

This dedicated window allows the provider with a clear view of the services that are either completed, pending, or canceled with digital invoice generations.

To ensure a smooth user experience, every feature and design must be tested with every requested customization. The development periods will be rigorous and repetitive, which will provide the developers with more diligence to make sure the app functions errorlessly at all times.

How is it inside our testing phase!

After hearing your requirements and labeling the readymade script, our team of developers with the most advanced technology stack ensures the collected information is encrypted precisely into the white-labeled app. Unique customizations that were requested based on the market stats are repeatedly tested to work hand-in-hand with the design of the app and the features.

On completing the practical test phase, you are informed about the green signal for launch. With our maintenance team, a 24/7 year-round support is sealed. 

The development cost of the tow trucks uber like app

It is always proven that developing an app from scratch will cost more, so choosing a white-labeled app saves money and helps to kick-start a digital business tool swiftly.

With Uber like tow trucks app development, the cost is narrowed down to two significant factors: the technology and the location to where the app will be launched. 

  • Developing for ios will be easiest since their technology has massively remained the same.
  • To support the Increasing and advanced chipset of android smartphones, the cost might be a little high to compress all android phone support.

A final note

Just as we glanced through the article, 40,000 cars completed their final assembly, and more than 125,000 vehicles will be ready for their first commute.  Well maintained cars and other four-wheelers are ready for a rain and shine drive on different terrains are still subject to breakdowns anywhere. Stranded helpless people lookout for roadside assistance, and aiding them with readymade Uber for tow trucks apps can help restart their journey without fear. We specialize in ready-made on-demand apps for entrepreneurs looking for an immediate launch. Start now and make the time right for you.