What are Printed Cardboard Tubes Used For?

Many different types of paper packaging are getting popular among customers for different reasons. Plastic packaging has slowly started to go out of trend as customers are getting more serious about environmentally friendly products and their benefits. 

Cardboard tubes are one of the unique styles of packaging that have been gaining immense popularity for the past few years. Many businesses are adding printed cardboard tubes to their packaging to deliver specific products to their customers. They are recyclable, and customers can use them for different purposes, even in their homes, which is another reason for the popularity of this packaging style.

Uses of Printed Cardboard Tubes

Food Packaging – Printed cardboard tubes are an excellent choice for food packaging, particularly for items like tea, coffee, and spices. The tubes protect the contents from moisture and light while also offering an attractive presentation.

Cosmetics Packaging – Printed cardboard tubes are also used extensively in the cosmetics industry. They are perfect for packaging items like lip balm, mascara, and other small cosmetic products.

Industrial Products – Printed cardboard tubes are a popular choice for packaging industrial products like drill bits, engineering drawings, and architectural plans. They offer excellent protection and can be easily transported.

Shipping Tubes – Printed cardboard tubes are also commonly used as shipping tubes. They are durable, lightweight, and can be easily stacked, making them ideal for transporting items like posters and artwork.

Following are some things you can use printed cardboard tubes for.

Cosmetic Packaging

If you are a business that deals with cosmetics, you will surely love this design. Cardboard tubes are cylindrical in shape; hence, they provide the perfect space to pack cylinder-shaped cosmetic bottles. Cosmetic and skincare products come in all different shapes and sizes, and it can be difficult to store a cylindrical bottle in any other shape of the packaging. Cardboard tubes are subtle and have sophisticated designs that work perfectly well with cosmetic brands.

Candle Packaging

Another business that can use cardboard tube packaging is the one that produces candles. Whether you sell scented or regular candles, it is important to have the right packaging to deliver them to the customers. Candles are usually cylindrical in shape and need cardboard tube packaging more than any other product. They can be extremely challenging to pack and deliver if you don’t have printed cardboard tubes in your packaging. 

Sunglasses and Accessories

If you sell sunglasses and accessories to your customers, cardboard tubes are the right packaging style for you as well. While cosmetics, skincare, and candles are all delicate products and need more protection, sunglasses, and accessories can also benefit the same amount from this packaging design. Many brands don’t add this style to their packaging; hence, they fail to provide their customers with uniqueness. You can add that uniqueness to your brand by delivering your accessories in printed cardboard tubes.

Painting Packaging

Some people love to buy paintings, and it is essential that you pack their paintings in the right type of packaging. Painting and sketches are difficult to pack in any other packaging style as you don’t want them to have creases. It is always the best option to roll them and make a cylindrical shape so that they remain crease-free. Cardboard tube packaging is the perfect choice for a painting business as well because you can provide your customers with paintings in their right shape.


Q: Can printed cardboard tubes be recycled?

A: Yes, printed cardboard tubes are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again after use.

Q: Are printed cardboard tubes customizable?

A: Yes, printed cardboard tubes can be customized with your logo, branding, and other design elements.

Q: How are printed cardboard tubes made?

A: Printed cardboard tubes are made by wrapping cardboard around a cylindrical mold and then cutting it to the desired length.

Want to Order Printed Cardboard Tubes?

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