Develop the best ride-hailing app with the avant-garde Rapido Clone

We all are not new to hearing the app’s name Rapido. It has become a household name to many people over the past two years. So, let’s get started with it. As we know, Rapido is a bike taxi-hailing company. It has gained a large number of users in the last two years. Because of the app’s flawless and superb functionality, it has catered to over 5 million active users and downloads as well. It is available in both the platforms, Android and iOS. 

Why is the Rapido app in the limelight?

The app is so famous for its primary objective: providing a cost-effective and time-saving transport in busy cities. It was generally observed that the traffic on the roads using cabs are just a waste of time and energy. And that’s why a Rapido like app has been the best model. 

The application is hailed to be handy and straightforward to use, thereby resulting in fast and affordable transportation. With over 30 million rides across 30 cities, the app solves all the problems of mobility. 

So, seeing the popularity, it’s high time for you to start a Rapido Clone app if you are an entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to start a new business in the transport industry. 

Exclusive benefits of the Rapido Clone app:

Some benefits of the Rapido Clone app that makes it extraordinary.

Easy booking:

It takes only a few taps to book a service from a preferred location. Also, users can make use of the option for saving frequent destinations into the app, which saves them time.

Insured rides:

The biggest concern when it comes to bike taxi-hailing apps is safety. To assure the riders of their safety, the drivers are called captains, who are verified professionals. The app also provides insurance to all the riders. 

Budget-friendly rides:

It is the last mile commutation option to provide the budget-friendly yet better rides. With technology like data science and machine learning, the app makes the fare of every ride, transparent and affordable. 

Ease of access:

The app can use its services in both the available platforms like Android and iOS. The features of the application make it very easy and straightforward to access since it is also available in multiple languages. 

Tips before developing the app:

The essential thing that the app should contain is to have a login or sign up process like name, email ID, and date of birth. Apart from that, the application is entirely dependent on GPS location, and it provides details like the surrounding area and availability. 

To develop a similar application, there exist two options.

  • Hire a team of expert mobile developers
  • Partner with an experienced solution provider

How to develop a Rapido Clone app?

Once you become clear with the business model you choose, you can meet your stakeholders and decide upon what are the features you would like to have in your app and whatnot. 

Choose what platform you are going to have your app launched. You can choose individual frameworks for Android or iOS, or you can also select a framework for hybrid app development, meaning that you can launch the app in both the platforms. React Native by Facebook can act as an excellent choice to handle multiple platforms. You can also select Flutter by Google that helps you create an innovative bike taxi-hailing app. 

After you finalize the development type, your priorities, start with selecting the appropriate tools and technologies you need. Discuss the design and features, according to the plans that you would like to add in your app to offer a better experience for the users. 

After discussions, with the help of professionals, create the digital app architecture to provide secure payment gateways in the app. Remember that your business depends wholly upon the application, so plan in a way to avoid glitches and bugs. 

To narrowly escape from these processes, you can contact the expert clone app developers team as a one-stop destination. 

Important features that are not to be missed:

Let’s look at some features that can be incorporated into the app by making some desirable changes for a smooth-running model:

  • Profile section
  • Payment integration
  • Geolocation
  • History of rides
  • Invitation channel
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Settings
  • Insurance 
  • Help and support

Apart from this, you can also concentrate on adding some additional features. Because there are so many other similar apps, to have your app in the limelight, you have to make sure that you offer your users something different that has never been in other apps. 

Here are some suggestions,

  • Advanced scheduling of rides
  • Booking rides for others
  • Fixed rates for airports and railway stations
  • Having a face scan feature to ensure the mask is used 
  • Chatbot 

There can be other features too. So plan them to your choice. 


The business requires a quick and dynamic approach, and you must be adaptive to technology. So, as you are sure about the development, you can go for the Rapido Clone script loaded with state-of-art technology to launch a responsive and sleek app.