Make A Dazzling Entry Into The Bike Taxi App With Rapido Clone App

In a business environment, there is always a massive welcome for new ideas. Do you think operating on the same old techniques will work for the long run of the business? You need to come up with new emerging ideas to stay in the competition. After the revolution of taxi booking applications, entrepreneurs launched a whole new concept called ‘Bike taxi app’.

For entrepreneurs interested in launching their bike taxi app, we can provide you with insights into how bike taxi apps like Rapido work. 

What is a bike taxi app, and how does it work?

Taxi booking apps and ride-sharing apps have already gained massive popularity among people for making it easy for them to book their rides with just a few clicks. But a cab is not an affordable option for quite a sum of people. Sometimes they do not feel like reaching their destinations quickly because of the heavy traffic and commotion.

To sort out this challenge, they raised the idea of launching a bike taxi app for people to ride bikes at an affordable price. Unlike taxi booking apps, the bike taxi app is an emerging concept to help people book their bike rides. With a bike taxi app, you can book your bike taxi instead of a cab. 

Working model of a bike taxi app

  • Upon downloading the bike taxi app, the users can register with the app with their credentials.
  • The riders can enter their pick-up and drop location in the app and request a ride.
  • The request will be sent to all the drivers near their current location.
  • The driver will accept the request and receive the ride details.
  • After verifying the OTP, the drivers will pick the riders at their point and drop them at the destination. 
  • At the reach of the destination, the riders will make the payment either by cash or through an online payment.
  • The app allows the users to rate their experience with the driver and app.

Launch your bike app with Rapido clone 

The Rapido clone is a well-crafted bike taxi app that replicates the standard app. Rapido is a leading bike taxi application in the market, and entrepreneurs who want to start their business in the bike taxi app, prefer to go with the Rapido clone app. 

With a ready-to-launch Rapido clone app, you can launch your app in much less time than developing an app from scratch. The Rapido clone app will have the following features, 

Easy user registration 

The users can register with the app through their credentials like email address, phone number and password. The users can also log in through their social media accounts. 

Booking / canceling of rides 

The users can book their rides through the Rapido clone app by mentioning their pick up and drop off location. The riders can also cancel their rides in case of any uncertainties. 

Real-time GPS tracking 

The Rapido clone app is developed with in-built GPS that allows users to track their rides in real-time. This will help the users track their rides’ status and communicate with their drivers to know their whereabouts. On the other hand, the drivers will also be able to find the rider’s address through the app.

Offer codes 

The Rapido clone app is built with various marketing features for attracting users to your app. Features like discounts code, offer codes and referral codes will enhance more users’ interactions with the app. 

Push notifications 

You can never find an app without this feature, as they are essential for the successful functioning of the app. Moreover, the app will send notifications and important information about the discounts and offers to the users through SMS.

Fare calculator 

The cost of the rides is calculated based on the distance, travel time, and traffic in the routes. The approximate fare cost will be sent to the users at the time of booking the rides. However, the users need not worry about the cost of their ride at the end.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Rapido?

Developing an app is a tedious process and involves too many complexities. Especially when you decide to create an app from scratch, it will take you around 5 to 6 months to complete. On the other hand, we have cloned apps that are ready-made.

With ready-made apps, you can launch your app in no time. Even the ready-made Rapido clone app has its own challenges. However, these factors and determinants will decide the app cost.  These determinants are,

  • The app platforms like Android and iOS, in which you prefer to run your app, also impact the cost of the app. 
  • The intuitive design of the app also will decide on the cost factor. 
  • The more advanced features and functionalities, the more will be the size. The app development cost varies from the app size. 

Apart from these determinants, factors like customization, hours spent developing the features, bug fixing, and API integration all impact the total app development cost. 

Wrapping up,

In recent years, transportation apps have become our dire need to schedule our rides. In Particular, people prefer bike taxi apps to plan their rides at affordable costs. Hence, launching a Rapido clone app in this scenario will be a sure hit in the market.