How US import data can be a vital key for your growing business?

The information that you will need to import your goods to the US is all contained in the imported goods data that you will receive from the customs of the US Department of Commerce. The data consists of the name and address of the importer, the food’s country of origin, manufacturer, unit price, foreign exchange rate, dates of shipment (received date to ship), invoice date, and more. US import data may also include the names and addresses of consignors, quantity, classification, etc.

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The import data are classified according to the customs code 

To import data into your commerce software, you first need to know the HS code(s) of the goods that you wish to import. US import data are normally classified according to the customs codes designated for each product. However, the HS code system varies from one country to another and may not be consistent internationally. In most cases, the HS code numbers begin with zero for articles that are duty-free and zero and go up to nine for heavy articles.

To import US import data, you will also need to access the US shipping manifests. These are manuals that describe the procedure that customs officials to follow when they bring the importers’ goods to the customs inspection point, and where the items are placed on the conveyor belt, before being delivered to the importers. US shipping manifests are available from the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Importance and Translations and United States Commercial Service, which are managed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Importers are able to obtain shipping manifests either from the government agencies or from the distributors who maintain distribution lists of goods that have been cleared for US importation. You can find shipping manifests for common products like cars and trucks, and for rarer ones like antique furniture or sports memorabilia.

The next step to import US customs data is to visit the official US eBay site, register, and upload the digital photos that you want to have scanned. Your scanner of choice must have a resolution of at least 250 DPI. After uploading the photo, be sure to check if your scanner can read this data. Check back often because many sellers are updating their digital photo galleries frequently. This way, buyers suppliers and importers will have plenty of new offerings to browse through.

How one can get access to the US import data?

Another option for those interested in US import data is visiting online auction sites. Although some US sellers to conduct auctions only for major items like cars and boats, some are open to smaller items like furniture. US consumers, especially those living in the Southern states, are known to buy a lot of used stuff at online auction sites, making it a good place to find unique items that will complement your home decor. However, as with anything in business, there are scams and frauds; it is important to do some research into any seller you intend to purchase from online. Researching and being aware of one’s competitors is also important so that you don’t end up paying too much for something you bought that is really of poor quality.

Finding US import data and US trade data is relatively easy. However, knowing where and how to find what you are looking for is more complex. For starters, there are online directory websites that categorize and list every item that has been imported or exported by American companies. For example, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (US CBP) site has an archive of all goods that have been imported or exported using commercial trucks. The Commerce Department’s (Commerce) website is another good resource for US import data. The site also allows you to search for products based on their country of origin. One reliable source to buy the data at affordable prices is