A complete guide on 8000XHT series flow meter

Many flowmeter types are in the market today. You can rely on them for accurate flow rate measurements. But not all of these flow meters give correct results when monitoring the flow rate of liquids with extreme temperatures.

Fluid temperature is one of the factors that influence the accuracy of a flow meter. But not any longer with an 8000XHT series flow meter. The device is designed to measure the flow rate of liquids even at the most extreme temperatures.

You can imagine a flow meter working effectively with a temperature range of up 200ºc. That’s incredible. The 8000XHT series device also helps to monitor fluids with varying viscosities and densities and offers accurate and reliable flow rates.

It offers a cost-effective solution to flow metering issues. This meter measures flow rate and temperature under one tool.

How the 8000XHT Series Flowmeter Works.

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of how the 8000XHT series device measures flow rate before buying—the meter functions based on a unique operational tool that depends on set magnets.

When the fluid passes in the sensor cavity of the 8000XHT series meter, it forces the rotor to spin. The flow meter is also fitted with alternating north and south magnets on the rotor. 

As the rotor spins due to the force of the liquid flowing through the meter, pulses are created and are transferred by the magnet through two flux concentrators. It’s those pulses that help to switch on the two hall-effect sensors on the main electronics board.

As the rotor in the 8000XHT series device moves, its rotational frequency is snameasured by a microcomputer. The data acquired and the scaling features are recorded into a flash memory which helps to calculate the volumetric flow rate.

The 8000XHT series measures flow rate data at output ranges of between 0-10, 0-5, or 4-20mA. In case the flow rate measured goes below the preset alarm value, the XHT flow meter changes the state. The meter is fitted with an adjustable relay trip point to allow changes when the state of flow changes.

A bright tri-colored LED in 8000XHT series meters helps to show the measured flow rates. Many suppliers of this type of flow meter set alarm trip points at the factory. The setting is done to promote the accuracy of the flow measurement and eliminate unwanted tampering with the flow meter.

Though your 8000XHT series flow meter will be set at a default value of 25% of the highest flow limit, you are allowed to ask for a customized trip point setting. But you should do it at the time of order.

Procedure to Install the 8000XHT Series Flow Meter

Have you bought an 8000 XHT flow meter? Ensure to pay attention to the installation process. Proper installation makes your flow meter work effectively and delivers reliable flow rate measurements. 

Plumbing connections

 When installing your 8000XHT series device, plumbing connections are one of the vital steps you should get right. The inner diameter of the inlet pipe affects the calibration and flow response of this flow meter which determines how it works.

Any device fitted to inlet connection or the nearby upstream device also has an impact on the function of the 8000XHT series flow meter. That’s why much care is required during installation to ensure your device works well and delivers reliable results.

 You should ensure the inner diameter of the incoming pipe or through-hole of a tuber connector and hose barb are equal to the internal diameter of your flow meter. When buying the 8000XHT series flow meter, you may request a list of standard internal diameter specifications needed for this type of flow meter. 

When fixing the 8000XHT series device, make sure there is straight piping between the flow meter and any upstream devices. The length of the pipe should be at least ten times the pipe of the internal diameter present. 

As you install your flow meter, you are supposed to apply appropriate calibration procedures. That allows your 8000XHT series device to function with connections with a small internal diameter or work with an elbow connected directly to the inlet.

Here are a few steps to follow while installing your device.

  • Check your connection size and internal diameter of the 8000XHT series flow meter.
  • Make your connections to non-adjustable or adjustable SAE fittings as directed. But you should lubricate threads and O-rings first using the appropriate system fluid
  • After you’re done, ensure to turn on your liquid flow to find any unexpected leaks. You may tighten your connections to eliminate leaks
  • You should get rid of all entrained air from your instrument’s flow cavity.
  • Ensure your 8000XHT series instrument doesn’t operate beyond the rated limits since it can lead to failure and may harm the operator.
  • Never exceed the upper flow limit, pressure, and temperatures.

Power connections

The 8000XHT series devices use external power. You need to carry out the right electrical connections when installing the flow meter.

  • Get the 24 VDC power supply source and then switch it on.
  • Make all the wire connections to your flow meter as directed by your supplier.
  • Check whether all connections are safe
  • You can now switch on the 24 VDC power source.
  • Once you turn on the power, the flow status LED turns on.


If you’ve tried to measure flow rate at extreme temperatures and other devices have failed you, the 8000XHT series flowmeter is the right option. You’re assured of accurate flow rate data even at varying fluid viscosity and density. Just ensure you follow the required installation procedure, and the device won’t let you down.