How to Unlike Pages on Facebook in 2021

Facebook is one of the social media sites founded in America. It is based in California and Menlo Park. Many people use it across the world doing business, connecting with friends they know and the ones they don’t know, looking for jobs, e.t.c.

If you want to use Facebook, you have to create your profile by signing up on the Facebook app or email. Users who sign up can share photos, music, videos, or even articles on their pages. They can also share their opinions on the pages they like.

When a user makes a post, other users can be interested in like, share, or comment on them. The maximum limit for liking Facebook pages is 5000. One cannot like a page beyond this limit. To obtain a Facebook page, people always need an option too. Unlike the pages they are no longer interested in. this happens due to boredom, absence of the page, i.e., the page no longer exists, e.t.c.

In this article, I will show you the current steps to follow, unlike Facebook pages. One may need to unlike single pages, pages that do not exist, or multiple pages. To unlike all these pages, you will need to use either a browser or a mobile Facebook app.

How To Obtain a Facebook Unlike Page using a Browser.

There are different steps to be followed for Facebook, unlike a page using a browser. Let us discuss each step to be followed for you to unlike a specific page on Facebook.

How to unlike a page that does not exist

This can only be done using an older Facebook. People can install the old Facebook from the chrome layout for Facebook. After that, one should open the Facebook profile and tap <more>. By doing this, the previous likes will be shown. Click on the likes to obtain a Facebook unlike page as shown below;

How to unlike a single Facebook page

This step can be done either on the page itself or from the news feed bar. If you want to obtain facebook, unlike a page from the page itself, you should navigate on the page you would want to unlike. You will see a blue “Liked” button on the right upper side. Tap on it. The blue “Liked” button will turn to be a grey “Unliked” button as shown below

If you want to obtain a Facebook unlike page straight from the news feed, you should search for the page’s name that had created the page you liked. Tap on the blue “Liked” button, and the page will be unliked. It is the most straightforward way to unlike a single page on Facebook. The diagram below clearly shows how it goes.

How to unlike multiple pages on Facebook

(i) Go to Facebook, and tap on the pages on the left side

(ii) The screen will display the pages you own and manage. You will see an option for the liked         pages. Tap on it as shown below;

(iii) By doing this, all pages you had liked before will appear either the same way they were before or with some minor changes.

(iv) Go to pages and tap the blue “Liked” button on each page as shown

(v) By doing this, the blue “Liked” button will turn to a grey “Follow” button.

(vi) If you want to continue seeing posts on specific pages, click on the “Follow” button. The news feed will display the posts, but they appear on your liked pages

(vii) In case of an update, one will be able to see them.

Ulike many pages, the above steps can help you, unlike many pages you are no longer interested in on Facebook. Let us check how to unlike the Facebook pages using a Facebook mobile app.

How to obtain facebook unlike page using a Facebook mobile app.

If you are using a Facebook mobile app from your device, you can follow the following steps, unlike the liked pages.

(i)Open the Facebook app. On the menu, you tap the hamburger button.

(ii) It will show you a display screen. Tap on the pages as indicated in the diagram below;

(iii) The screen shows all the pages. Tap on the liked pages to see all the pages you like

(iv) To unlike the pages, tap on the blue “Liked” button.

(vi) The blue “Liked” button will turn to grey, and it will be written as “Like.”


For you to obtain a Facebook unlike page, then you should follow the steps I have explained above should be followed. One can use both android or iOS when the mobile Facebook app is employed. This helps to unlike both single and multiple pages.