How to Give Your Guests A Memorable Experience

While the hospitality sector has taken a massive financial blow due to the introduction of national lockdowns, restrictions are now thankfully easing. This means that while more people are allowed to attend hospitality venues, it is imperative that food and beverage businesses offer unique services so that it leads to repeat customers. With this in mind, this article is going to discuss and list methods to consider when attempting to keep your guests entertained so that they receive a memorable experience. 

1. Manners 

Manners are everything in today’s age. You can’t expect paying customers to continuously return to your hospitality if you don’t treat them with good manners. This stems from the chefs and upper management, all the way down to the waiters and cleaners. Everyone should adhere to the same culture you aim to create in your hospitality business and this means being polite and respectful to your guests. An easy yet effective tip to display strong manners is to express how grateful you are to meet your guests. People like feeling important (even if they are the most casual and intrinsic guests imaginable) so by employing this trick, you are bound to give your guests an experience they will remember and cherish throughout the whole of their stay.

2. Clean Surroundings

Another vital method to achieve a memorable experience for your guest is to have a clean and tidy venue. Lets face it, no one wishes to arrive at avenue for there to be dirt, dust or even leftover food scattered everywhere. It simply isn’t a good look. Furthermore, the food and beverage industry is heavily reliant on maintaining hygiene standards, especially since Covid has been ever so prevalent in today’s society. Therefore, making sure that your appliances, like your water storage tanks, are fitted with the correct water tank lining maintenance procedures is vital to prevent harmful bacteria being transferred to your customers. By having clean and accessible water to your venue, you can provide effective solutions when cleaning up after your guests ready for the next customer.

3. Plan A Wine Tasting Event

For those guests that seem like they may enjoy an alcoholic beverage once in a while, why not consider giving them a wine tasting experience. If there’s a bar inside your venue, or there’s wine present on the menu, then you can plan a wine tasting event to bring in not only your regular customers, but some new guests as well.

Give attendees an opportunity to enjoy the various wine samples from different regions and discuss their origins with a sommelier. Not only that, but you can ask the sommeliers to entertain the guests through storytelling, highlighting the subtle differences between each variety and in a fun and enticing manner.

Finally, wine tastings can be a great opportunity for your venue to promote specialty menus that feature food and snacks designed to complement with the wine. A win-win for all involved and will no doubt sit in the minds of your guests when they leave. 

4. Paying Attention Non-Alcoholic Drinkers 

While the previous point discusses a wine tasting event which can create a memorable experience for your guest, be sure to never neglect those who don’t drink alcohol. This can be both kids or adults. Nothing will improve your chances of a unique service more than offering household classic beverages that all people enjoy to drink. For example, ginger, lime, tonics and even kid friendly beverages like fruit shoots, squash or fizzy pop are all examples of how you can accommodate everyone who may or may not be an alcoholic drinker.

On the note of non-alcoholic drinkers, as we have mentioned, kids may be present at the venue. It’s often said that happy kids make for happy parents. So by offering a few kid-friendly options for your guests, you are bound to make their experience that much greater and more memorable. 

5. Meet And Greet With The Chef

Many people would relish the opportunity to have a chat with the world class chef(s) that are preparing the food for their guests. As such, by offering an opportunity to meet the head chef in-person will offer a unique selling point.  Have the chef visit the tables to talk about their overall styles and techniques as well as their culinary vision and what goes into preparing each dish to perfection. Customers will love the chance to get an exclusive insight into how the food makes it from farmland to the restaurant table and will no doubt make their experience that much more memorable for them.

6. Departing Gift 

A final method in order for your guests to have a memorable experience is to offer them a departing gift when they exit form the venue. Too many times have we seen hospitality businesses display superb levels of customer service, delightful food and impressive entertainment, but they fall at the last hurdle when they don’t offer their guests a departing souvenir. Customers want something they can remember which will help them come back time and time again so why not get creative with the departing gifts. If your guests have booked in advance, why not have a personalised mint with their name on it presented to them when they leave or even a postcard with the restaurant on it so they remember it in the future. These simple yet effective methods can really satisfy your customers’ expectations of your business and by employing these tricks, you are bound to have a better chance of having a repeat customer and generating positive word of mouth.