What Makes South Mumbai Special for Living?

A melting pot of varying cultures and people, Mumbai is truly unique and diverse. It has a welcoming vibe that embraces all that dream big. 

Over the years, there has been a massive influx of population as people from all over the country moved here to hit it big. Apart from that, the city is home to the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Most of them live in the luxury apartments in South Mumbai.

So-Bo, as people fondly call it, holds a special place in the peoples’ hearts. You can find here some of the most luxurious residential and commercial developments of the city. Living here is an experience, one cannot easily forget.

Why is South Mumbai special, really? Let’s take a look:

Living Near Sparkling Water Views

South Mumbai boasts some of the most luxurious houses and residential flats with the latest facilities. You get to enjoy gorgeous views of the water right from your window. Living at the sea-front or sea-viewing apartment is one of the most therapeutic experiences you can have. Seeing the glistening water in the sun from your window is a sight to behold. It soothes both the eyes and mind.

Also, living near the sea has positive impacts on your mental health as well. Any nature-lover or sea lover would love to make their home here.

A Nostalgic Old-World Charm

South Mumbai nestles in itself many old buildings that are testament to the bygone times. The architecture of these structures tells the tale of some other time. The area has a mix of both old and new. There are serene neighbourhoods located away from all the hustle-bustle of traffic. All of them are located in areas where all the basic necessities are within easy reach.


South Mumbai is well connected to all the major areas of the city. The Sea Link connects the residents of the area to the Eastern Freeway going towards Chembur and Vashi and the Western Suburbs.

If you wish to take the Metro to go somewhere, not a problem as the metro station is also within a reasonable distance.

Home to Various Business Districts

The popular business districts like Worli and Parel fall within South Mumbai as well. Nowadays, any business trying its luck also heads to South Mumbai and tries to settle over there first and gain validation before expanding. Hence, the area has plenty of job opportunities as well. 

The Nightlife

Mumbai is an active city. It is known to be a city that never sleeps and rightly so. You would see hustle bustle all day long well into the night. The topmost eateries and restaurants are in the Southern region of Mumbai. The young crowd cannot do without a happening nightlife, do they?  A time to enjoy, hang out and dance with friends, and have great food is ultimate fun.

When it comes to food, the variety is pretty great. The area is home to restaurants both big and small. You would find them everywhere. The streets and roadsides come alive at night. Feeling hungry at 3:00 a.m.? You would find something great to eat.


One of the main reasons behind South Mumbai’s appeal is the exclusivity it offers. Compared to other areas in the city, the lifestyle that South Mumbai offers is unparalleled. It is the district of the privilege since a number of renowned celebrities and big names of different industries reside here.

From big shots of the fashion world to the stars of Bollywood, many have made their homes here. Industrialists and CEOs of the top-ranking Indian companies live in South Mumbai as well. Due to this, the region has all the comforts one can possibly think of having. With a large percentage of the elite population living here, it has all the latest facilities to live a luxurious life.

Combined, all of these factors have led South Mumbai to have a wow factor. No other district can compete with the life one can enjoy in South Mumbai. The district also houses some of the best hospitals and educational institutes of India.

Abundant Choices

South Mumbai comprises different neighbourhoods and areas. Each area has its own appeal. For example, Byculla is one of the most important areas of South Mumbai with plenty of heritage buildings and tree-lined avenues. You would find some of the most well-designed and luxuriously equipped flats in Byculla

Final Thoughts

If you wish to live a lavish life or a life that has all the facilities and modern amenities, South Mumbai is your best bet assuring you a life of convenience and luxury.