What Are the Different Types of Software Testing?

Working with the software makes the work easy and much more effective. Here we will be discussing much more about software testing and how you will be able to grow your career in it. today as the digital platform is growing and every day new technology and software are bringing in an effective way to manage the work process. Well in order to check the compatibility and the proper process of the software it is important to check the processing of the Software and for that, the testing is performed.

Need of Software Testing?

Today software testing is a field that is helping many aspirants to begin their career in software development. With the growing demand for software and the automated processes, today there are many opportunities open for the professionals looking to work over software testing so if you are looking to learn and grow your career in the development and bringing in the changes you are on the correct page. to learn and to attain the certificate you need to enroll in the Software Testing Training Institute in Noida as it is the perfect way through you can grow your career and attain the certificate to enter the prestigious and eminent organization around the world.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a methodology that uses various techniques, strategies, and approaches that are used to test the application. This process helps in understanding if the software or application is running or behaving as it was expected to be. The testing is designed for the front and back-end testing, system testing, and unit testing. So, let’s explore the testing techniques and the perfect way through which you can do the same.

Types of Software testing


Functional testing is a type of testing that tests the application against the business requirements. It helps with all the testing types that are designed to examine each part of the software to check if it is behaving in the expected by the design team and business analyst.

The testing method that falls under the functional testing are:

Unit testing

It is the first level of testing that is performed by the developers. It helps in ensuring that every piece of the component is developed according to the functional level and assists with the work dedicated to it.  it helps in making debugging easier.

Integration testing

As soon as the unit testing is over the next step to test is integration testing. It helps in testing the group of units together to ensure the whole segment of the application behaves as it should. The test is usually performed keeping in mind d the user scenario. It is generally performed by the developer and independent testers.

System testing

It is also known as the black box testing method. It helps in evaluating the complete integrated system so that it can meet certain demands and requirements. This helps in checking the functionality of the software that is tested from end to end and is managed by the development team just before the product is lined for production.

Acceptance testing

It is the last part of functional testing; it is used to see whether the software is ready to use or not. It helps in putting a check over the internal and external use of the software or application. Generally, it is performed by the QA team or QA tester.


Performance testing

It is a non-functional testing method that helps in determining the behavior of the application or software. This testing helps in managing responsiveness and stability. The Performance testing further includes:

  • Load Testing
  • Stress testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Spike testing

Security testing

Security testing is an important role as it helps in securing the software from cyber-attacks and secure the data. the main goal behind this testing is testing to find a loophole and security risks.

Usability testing

It helps in measuring the application’s ease of use and is often performed during the system and acceptance testing usage.

Compatibility testing

It is testing that helps to check the working of the application or software in other environments. It helps in checking the product if it is accessible in a different environment. So, reading all the above testing methods it is easy to understand therefore if you want to learn and grow your career in it you need to enroll in the Software Testing Training Institute in Delhi as it is the best way through you can learn to test and can provide the perfect software to assist your career to grow with the development of the software and application.