Does Alpha Enzymes Work?

Or is it just another supplement stuffed with fillers and junk? Spoiler alert… It’s not!

Even though I am an extreme skeptic about health supplements, so many people have inquired about this product that it piqued my interest.

I’m talking – of course – about Alpha Enzymes. (Who isn’t at this point, right?)

This is a new supplement that I keep hearing about, so I finally decided to check it out – and I was shocked by the results.

Alpha Enzymes has A LOT going on, so I did a pretty in-depth analysis of everything, which I’m going to break down as simply as possible for you.

What Is Alpha Enzymes?

Alpha Enzymes is a 3-in-1 supplement that claims to do everything that other digestive enzyme supplements do and then WAY more. This product has probiotic strains, prebiotics, AND digestive enzymes. It might be the first time that I’ve ever seen a supplement pack so much into one product – but the important question remains: does it work?

Alpha Enzymes claims to be the easiest and most effective solution to various health problems that come from the gut. A lot of these problems have symptoms triggered by eating certain foods – what those foods are will be different for everyone. For some, it’s pizza, for others, it’s coffee, and for some people, it’s sugar.

You might want to start using a product like Alpha Enzymes because, especially as you age, your body stops producing as many digestive enzymes, which are active enzymes in your body that break down the food you eat.

Without the digestive enzymes working properly to break down your food, a whole chain of terrible events starts to happen, and long story short, the result is poor gut health.

So if you find yourself feeling bloated, constipated, sluggish, foggy, achey, or anything else from the foods you eat, then you probably want to consider addressing your gut health.

Alpha Enzymes claims that their unique formula will do more than address the major issue of food digestion. This product can also repair and strengthen your gut, restoring your body to optimal health by also including powerful prebiotics and probiotics. 

Dive a little deeper down the probiotic rabbit hole. Whether that means checking out supplements at a local store or by looking online, you’ll see two important notes – which I’ll summarize here by skipping the medical jargon.

First is the Survivability.

The problem with most probiotics sources – including most probiotic supplements – is that the probiotics don’t survive long enough for your body to benefit from them. See, probiotics are literally living organisms; they are what you might call the ‘Good Bacteria’ that live in your gut.

But if the probiotics die on the extremely harsh journey through your stomach acid (which most do), you could take 1000 doses and never see any positive results.

That’s why the probiotics in Alpha Enzymes really stand out. They use a special spore-form delivery system that guarantees 100% survivability.  That means you’ll see powerful results with every capsule.

The second thing to consider is something called colony-forming units (though, you’ll see this condensed to CFU on most bottles).

CFUs are an estimation (or measurable unit) of a sample’s viable live probiotic bacteria.  This is something that a lot of people get tripped on. In today’s society, we equate “more” with “better”, which’s not always the case.

Imagine if your doctor told you that apples were healthy, so you went home and started eating fifteen apples every single day. What kinds of terrible, mean names would your doctor call on your next visit?

That’s exactly the problem with most modern probiotic products. They pack in more and more CFU’s of probiotics, even when it’s not a good idea. Some products have 25 billion, 50 billion or even 100 BILLION CFUs!

And do you know what the suggested daily amount is, as determined by the CDC, Harvard Health University, and tons of other renowned organizations?  It’s not 25 billion. It’s not even 20 billion.

The suggested daily amount of probiotics is actually 5 – 10 Billion CFU’s.

Alpha Enzymes is perfectly dosed at 5 billion CFU’s – which is brilliant, because you might want to take two capsules every day.


Alpha Enzymes is the real deal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the time to write about every single ingredient in their formula, because there are just so many. There are 2-3x more ingredients than any other supplement that I’ve come across, which is pretty crazy. The product must be really expensive to manufacture, but somehow it’s still a great deal. To get everything that you find in Alpha Enzymes, you’d need to take like five different supplements, which would cost you hundreds of dollars every single month.

The only major downside is that Alpha Enzymes is only available online. Still, the last time I checked, they were running a pretty incredible promotional discount, so I highly suggest heading over to their website right here to see if that’s still available! As always, thank you for reading, and let me know if there are any other supplements you’d like me to review!