Top Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

By Marisa Hochberg :

Landing pages are one of the most important parts of your digital marketing strategy. They’re where you can convert potential leads into customers, increase email sign-ups, and get people to take action on your offer. But they’re also an essential part that many marketers overlook or misuse. Landing page failures can be costly and tarnish your brand image. If you’re not careful, it can quickly become a case study of what not to do rather than what not to do. The good news is if you follow these tips you won’t land alone!

Don’t have a clear goal for your landing page.

There’s nothing more frustrating for potential customers than landing on your website and not knowing what to do next. Landing pages are meant to help you convert prospects into customers and the best way to do this is by understanding their needs and providing a solution. To do this, you need to know what they want. By doing this, you can create a landing page that helps users achieve their goals and get what they want.

But before you can know what your users want, you must first find out what they want. And the best way to do this is by asking. There are a lot of methods you can use when collecting user data, but the easiest is through survey questions. You can also try using content-based quizzes and polls to get the information you need to create a successful landing page.

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Use confusing terminology in the headline.

The headline of your landing page is the short sentence that sits above the fold of your website and attracts your potential customers to read more. The headline here is the first place where you can grab their attention and make them click your call-to-action button. This is also where you can confuse potential customers with confusing terminology. Confusing terminology in your headline can cause potential customers to quickly scroll down and ignore your landing page completely. A confusing headline can lead to a low number of clicks and conversions.

To avoid confusing your audience in the headline, try to avoid using industry-specific or technical terms. You can also try to use simpler and more generic terms.

Have a single call-to-action that’s too obvious.

People don’t always know exactly what they want or need. To help your audience find what they want, you can use various CTA buttons such as “sign-up” or “buy now.” However, these are obvious and straightforward call-to-action. You want to use subtle, abstract, or unusual CTA buttons to encourage curiosity and curiosity is what will lead your visitors to take action.

You can also try adding an “Ask A Question” button to your landing page. This will encourage potential customers to leave a comment and ask questions about the product or service you offer. These questions will then be used for customer support.

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Your design is ugly or difficult to navigate.

Bad design can ruin the entire experience of using a website. Landing pages are meant to be navigated quickly and easily. If they’re difficult to navigate or the design is confusing, your potential customers will quickly get frustrated and leave without converting into customers. A bad design will make your landing page look unprofessional and uninviting.

To make your landing page design more appealing to your audience, you can consider making your website also look like a landing page. You can also change your design to make it more inviting to your audience with color schemes, fonts, and images.

Keep in mind that your landing page design is more important than your website design. That’s why you have to put more effort on your landing page design.

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There’s no way to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

How would you feel if someone continuously texted you and sent you emails without your permission? It would make you want to block them and not want to hear from them ever again. The same goes for your mailing list. As soon as a potential customer joins your list, they are on your mailing list. You can’t unsubscribe them.

The moment they join your mailing list, they are subscribed to your emails. You want to make sure they are aware of this and that they want to be on your list. You can do this by sending them an email or a notification on their dashboard. You want them to be aware of the fact that they are on your list and have the option to unsubscribe.

You don’t provide all the necessary information at checkout.

Customers are wary of purchasing products from companies they don’t know or trust. This is why you need to make sure that your landing page has all the necessary information such as price, shipping, payment, and return policy. If you don’t provide this information at checkout, your customers will think that they made a mistake purchasing from you. And this can make them leave your website completely, never to return.

So make sure that you have all the necessary information for your customers at checkout. You can do this by adding a form or a checkbox where customers can confirm that they are old customers and want to receive emails from you.

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You think people care about your brand or product features.

People don’t care about your brand or features as much as you do. If your landing page has nothing to do with your brand and features, your customers won’t care either. The easiest way to integrate your brand and features on your landing page is through visuals.

There are a lot of ways you can integrate visuals on your landing page. You can use stock photos, infographics, or videos to make your page more appealing to your audience. You can even buy professional landing page templates to help you create a more professional-looking landing page.

You can also use heat maps and click maps to make it more engaging for your audience.

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Wrapping Up: Is your landing page optimized for user behavior?

We’ve discussed what you shouldn’t do on your landing page now let’s discuss what you should do. Landing pages are meant to redirect people who land on your website to a sales funnel. The best way to do this is by using a single, clear call-to-action button that encourages users to take action. You also want to make sure that your design is appealing, easy to navigate, and clear on what your conversion action is.

But what makes all of this possible? A good landing page is one that’s designed to be used by your visitors. That means it’s designed for how they should be using your site.

What you’ve read in this article will make a huge difference in your digital marketing strategy. Now use it and make your landing page the best!