The best-known primary and international schools in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the world and the most well known amongst the emirates that comprise the nation of United Arab Emirates. Not only is it known for its futuristic infrastructure and swanky lifestyle, but it also provides employment to professionals and workers from all parts of the world. Many of the expats working and living in Dubai do so with their families and children as the primary schools of Dubai and the Dubai international school are as good as the best in the world.

Let us take a look at some of the best-known of these-

1. Global Indian International School-Primary School Dubai 

Global Indian International School Dubai is one of the most sought-after international schools providing a pre-nursery to grade 12 level education to its students. Run by the globally renowned GIIS chain of schools, GIIS Dubai offers its students the Global Montessori Plus and CBSE curricula.

The school has a fabulous campus boasting all the facilities and amenities necessary to provide a modern holistic education to its students. Its teachers are some of the best anywhere and that gets reflected in its sterling academic results. The school also has a great track record when it comes to its students obtaining admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world. It is hardly surprising that GIIS Dubai is amongst the most popular international schools in the region, when it comes to expats, especially the Indian ones.

2. Regent International School-Dubai International School

Regent International School is one of the best-known international schools in Dubai that follow the British education system. The school offers the National Curriculum of England that incorporates GCSEs in years 10 and 11 and A Levels in years 12 and 13. Regent International School is the recipient of a “Very Good” rating from KHDA and an “Outstanding” rating from the British School Overseas Inspection rating.

The school provides a world-class infrastructure to enable a very conducive environment for the learning, growth, and development of the students. Its teachers are some of the best anywhere and this gets reflected in the kind of academic results the students obtain. They also go on to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere.

3. Dubai International Academy-Primary School Dubai

Dubai International Academy is one of the best-known international schools in the region offering a world-class International Baccalaureate education to students who come from more than 80 countries. The school offers IB Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma programs allowing its students to pursue academic and career options internationally.

The school is a great believer in holistic education and to this end offers both a comprehensive education program and extra-curricular activities. The facilities provided by the school in this regard and the teaching staff are out of the top drawer. This ensures that its students go on to obtain admission to some of the best colleges and universities anywhere, including Princeton and Yale. It is hardly surprising, therefore,  that Dubai International Academy is amongst the top schools in Dubai when it comes to expats.

4. Repton School-Dubai International School

Repton School Dubai is one of the best-known British co-educational schools in the region and is clearly quite a favorite with the expats. It offers its students the English National Curriculum till year 11. They have the choice of continuing with that curriculum till year 13 or alternatively opting for the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. An impressive 94% of the students who take the IB Diploma program, managed to pass the exam in 2017.

The school provides its students with the best in terms of infrastructure and facilities. It also has outstanding teachers who are both highly qualified and experienced. The fact that the school does a great job of educating and training its students is borne out by the fact that its students manage to secure admission to some of the best colleges and universities in the world including Oxford and UCLA.


Dubai is a prime destination for job seekers around the world who aspire to take up employment in the Emirate in order to secure a great life for themselves and their families. It helps that Dubai has some great international schools that take care of the schooling of the children of the expats who work and live here. As a matter of fact, Dubai has already earned a very formidable reputation as a major education hub in the region. Its large number of international school catering to the educational needs of children from all over the world are helping secure the future of a very large number of young people who get to experience the best international pedagogy and mentoring. Studying at these fantastic international schools is truly a life-transforming experience for them.

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