Skyrocket Your On-demand Grocery Delivery Business by Launching Instacart Clone App

People who prefer not to visit congested supermarkets and provision stores will find online grocery ordering and delivery platforms like Instacart a blessing. Shoppers can purchase fruits, vegetables, seafood, beverages, alcohol, household essentials, beauty care items, bakery products, and office supplies at affordable prices. The highest level of convenience is offered through options like contactless delivery and curbside pickup. 

Some of the latest news related to Instacart is

  • It is currently valued at $39 billion after raising $265 million recently from investors.
  • Instacart advertising, where ads can be posted by partner retailers, is growing quickly and is set to surpass the performance of heavyweight grocery players like Amazon and Walmart soon.
  • Instacart has provided Covid-19 vaccine stipends to more than 15,000 shoppers throughout the USA and Canada. It has also given away 730,000 health and safety kits for free to customers.
  • The American grocery giant will go for either an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a direct listing by the end of 2021. This will help in its international expansion beyond the US and Canada.
  • Instacart launched alcohol delivery services in Georgia by tying up with more than 125 local stores. 
  • Instacart crossed 80 million households in the USA who regularly utilize its alcohol delivery services.

Entrepreneurs aiming to develop an online grocery delivery platform similar to a strong brand like Instacart will have to be ready for committing a huge investment and time. A cost-effective way to make a quick impact in the market is by acquiring the ready-made Instacart clone app. It is a customized online grocery ordering and a delivery solution containing Android and iOS apps for users, delivery executives, retailers, and a robust admin panel.

Analyzing the different business models supported by an app like Instacart

  • Grocery Marketplace – It acts as a comprehensive online supermarket and connects retailers and customers directly. Millions of products can be listed on the grocery marketplace and they have a vast fleet of delivery executives.
  • Third-party Delivery aggregators – The retailers take care of listing the groceries for sale and outsource the order fulfillment tasks to a third-party service provider for ensuring timely last-mile delivery. Both contactless delivery and in-store pickup options are available for the shoppers.
  • Grocery chain stores – Chain stores function in numerous locations simultaneously with a large user base. They take care of order processing and deliveries on their own without depending on any external service provider. Apart from having physical stores, they also have their mobile apps to offer the best shopping experience for the customers.
  • Independent grocery shops – Standalone grocery stores that cater to specific areas with a limited number of users can boost their business prospects by using the Instacart clone. A massive reach in the market is possible with an online presence. 

The unique features of the Instacart clone app are

  • Hassle-free registration – The shoppers can instantly register on an app like Instacart by submitting the required information like email address, phone number, and location. Social media integration with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also provided to enable quick registration. 
  • An advanced search and filter option – Customers can easily search for their desired products by entering details like keyword, price, ingredients, and name of the retail store. The exact results are displayed, facilitating quick ordering and faster sales. 
  • Instacart Express – It is a paid subscription plan available both monthly and yearly. Users get benefits like free home delivery of groceries and lower product prices.
  • Acceptance of numerous payment methods – Transactions for the grocery orders can be made instantly by the shoppers. Several payment options like debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), and UnionPay are accepted by the Instacart clone app.
  • Sharing of real-time notifications – The users are kept constantly informed about their order status, location of the delivery executive, discounts, and offers through push notifications, and personalized alerts sent via SMS and email.
  • A rating and review system – The customers can rate the quality of groceries and the professionalism of the delivery personnel on a scale of 1-5.
  • Provision of 24×7 customer support – A dedicated help centre functions round-the-clock to sort out issues like misplaced items, poor quality products, incorrect deliveries, replacements, refunds, exchange of products, and late deliveries promptly.

Advanced features to include while creating an app like Instacart are

  • Voice recognition – It provides an alternative shopping experience powered by Artificial Intelligence where users can utilize their voice to search for the required products. 
  • Seamless comparison of products and prices – Shoppers can make the right purchasing decision by viewing similar products available at almost the same price range. This gives them the best value for their hard-earned money. 
  • Nutritional information – This is a mandatory feature to include as it ensures a lot of transparency. People will know what the ingredients in the products they are buying are. Additional precautions can be done by those shoppers who have dietary preferences and suffer from allergies by viewing the nutrition facts thoroughly.
  • Access to order history – The previous order history can be stored securely on the Instacart clone enabling lightning-fast reordering by the customers. This facilitates faster checkout as shoppers need not add each item to their cart manually. 
  • Wishlist – Users can add the products they wish to purchase in the future to the Wishlist or the Favourite section.
  • Biometric and facial recognition – Shoppers can start ordering products quickly by undergoing biometric and facial verification.

The elaborate procedure to follow for Instacart Clone App Development is

  • Knowing the business requirements of the firm in creating an online grocery delivery app.
  • Preparing a broad development roadmap with various stages.
  • Developing the front-end part of an app like Instacart to add the brand name, logo, UI/UX design, and colour theme of the enterprise.
  • Curating the back-end to ensure a high level of efficiency in managing the order processing and delivery operations. 
  • Extensively testing the Instacart clone app to get rid of bugs and vulnerabilities.
  • Handing over the bug-free final version of an app like Instacart to the client. It can be readily launched in the market to get more business traction. 

Final Thoughts

Though cut-throat competition exists in the American retail industry for many years, Instacart has managed to stay ahead of its rivals through aggressive expansion and offering out-of-the-box shopping options. Get hold of the feature-packed Instacart clone app now and strike gold in the online grocery delivery market soon.