Planning a Home Renovation? Here Are 7 Reasons to Include a Guest Bathroom

Have you already started planning for home renovation and wondering what to include? Most homeowners depend on run-of-the-mill ideas when remodelling their houses. Therefore, a large chunk of the renovation ideas revolve around rooms and upgrading the living room.

But it’s time you think beyond the usual and rely on those options that are likely to add more value to your residence. If you have guests coming to your house often for an overnight stay but are not keen to share your bathroom, including a guest bathroom can perk up your house. Why don’t you share your ideas with a reputed custom home builder in Vancouver to know how things take shape?

Here is why including a guest bathroom makes home renovation in Vancouver worthier.

7 reasons to construct a guest bathroom during a home renovation

  1. Convenient for homeowners
  2. If your family is typically large-sized, having more visitors may make the home feel cluttered with only one bathroom. Chances are that more people may need to use the bathroom at the same time, making things go unorganised. So, having a guest bathroom is more convenient, especially when too many people need to get ready to move out of the doors.

    Sharing the bathroom with guests on busy mornings when everyone needs to take a shower can be odd. The agony increases when one of the guests spends more time in the shower. If you host guests more often, be sure to include a guest bathroom during renovation. It is going to come as a big relief.

  3. A good option for a growing family
  4. You may host guests overnight more frequently than others but the bathroom may not be for them alone. If your family is large with growing kids, the guest bathroom can be of good use at times when you don’t have guests. Even families planning to expand in the future will benefit from guest bathrooms to a great extent. So, a guest bathroom comes as a big relief for homeowners expanding their families and is not keen to share bathrooms with guests. But for custom home renovations in Vancouver, you need to have a close discussion with the best renovation specialist. Roadhouse Homes is your go-to solution when it comes to home renovation. An award-winning custom home renovator and builder, it is worth investing in their services for constructing a guest bathroom.

  5. Transform it into a bathroom for your kids
  6. If you have grown-up kids at home, they would need to have separate bathrooms. That would be giving them the independence they need. So, a guest bathroom may act as an additional bathroom for the kids at other times.

  7. Cater to visitors with mobility issues
  8. Suppose one of the visitors arriving for an overnight stay has disability issues. So, if you have bathrooms on the upper floor, it might get tough for them to use. Constructing a guest bathroom during home renovation in Vancouver BC will be of good use for disabled guests. Apart from this, having an additional bathroom comes in handy if you have a baby at home. That way, you can access the bathroom more easily and need not climb stairs.

  9. Rev up the value of your home
  10. Don’t view the addition of the guest bathroom as an expense but as the value, it adds to your home. If you decide to sell your home in the future, you will up its perceived value at least and make it a saleable option for your guests. For several prospective buyers, having no guest bathroom is viewed as negative. Moreover, having an additional bathroom makes your house stand out in the crowd. Such homes sell more quickly and at a better price.

  11. Create privacy for guests
  12. When you have guests at home for an overnight stay, you must ensure that they enjoy complete privacy apart from being a part of the family meals. An additional bathroom is just what you need to add privacy when guests come over. Your guests will feel more comfortable about using a separate bathroom instead of sharing the master bathroom with the rest of the family. So, the idea of having a guest bathroom should be one of the must-haves of home renovation in Vancouver.

  13. Get the most out of an unused space
  14. Do you have a lot of free space at home that can be put to good use? Adding a guest bathroom during home renovation is an excellent idea. Moreover, a bathroom will add a functional aspect to your home.

Are you all geared up to add a guest bathroom to your house but wondering where to add it? Call a team of renovation specialists today to help you design the bathroom to enhance the value of your home.