Private Health Care For Your Teeth; Top 5 Reasons For A Private Dentist

Oral hygiene is a significant contributor to overall health, which is why it needs utmost care. In the UK, people can choose between the NHS and private dentists based on the treatment options and costs, whichever comes first. The NHS is governed by the Department of Health and provides treatments either subsidised or free. Private dental care, on the other hand, costs more due to multiple factors.

That said, most patients are shifting from NHS to private dentists or preferring the former over the latter for many reasons. Better service quality, innovative treatment procedures, and effective dental treatment, to name a few. If you are a dental patient living in London and willing to pay extra, here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose a private London dentist.

  • Wide Range of Treatment Options

The most obvious reason to choose a private dental care provider is the variety of treatments it offers compared to NHS dentists. Besides orthodontic and restorative treatments, private dentists provide services in cosmetic dentistry like teeth whitening and facial aesthetics such as Botox. Unlike NHS clinics, private dental clinics customise a treatment plan considering individual oral health needs.

  • Quality Service

Private dentists focus on delivering high-quality dental treatments using modern technology. Also, they usually have a highly trained staff that takes care of each patient with equal attention. Not only do they supplement them with the information related to the treatment but also assist until the treatment is over.

  • Longer Appointment Times

The biggest challenge in getting dental treatment at the right time is finding an appointment with the dentist. Private dental care providers allow longer appointment times. With the scheduled appointment, the dental patient gets enough time to discuss dental problems while allowing the dentist to suggest the best treatment accordingly.

  • Treatment Costs

Apart from the three-band pricing structure, getting dental treatment through an NHS dentist can incur additional costs. Though private dental care services generally cost more than the NHS, there are no hidden fees that assure patients of guaranteed quality treatment. It is not only treatment but also services like longer appointment times, expensive equipment and materials, and top-notch technology that add up to the overall cost for private dental care.

  • Emergencies

In a dental emergency such as broken teeth due to a fall, a private dentist can save you from turning the situation worse. With a shorter waiting time, you can schedule the appointment on an urgent basis and get immediate advice on dental protection or treatment.

Having healthy teeth is essential for healthy living. And by choosing a private dentist, you take a step forward in the direction of good oral health and hygiene. It is worth mentioning that a quality private dental care provider in London will always put you first and provide you with the best treatment option.