How to Keep Your Apartment Buildings Safe

Apartment buildings can be home to several people and might be equipped with ID-enabled entry systems, security guards, or alarm systems. But, these security features can result in a false sense of security. 

Usually, there are several entry points at apartment buildings, and a number of people come and go, so it can be easy for an intruder to gain access and break-in as most of the intruders want to be in and out in a couple of minutes. 

Here’s how you can keep your apartment safe. 

Do Complete Background Check of Tenants

Safety starts with who you allow to stay in your apartment building. Before any individual signs a lease, you must perform a thorough background check on all of your tenants. A reliable security company must perform these background checks. 

While there are some background check services that only check one database to gather information on an individual. A reliable security service will cross-check all the references through different databases for better accuracy in validating and investigating backgrounds. 

These background checks can help you to:

  • Keep Your Tenants Safe and Secure – Prevent the chances of bringing dangerous or illegal activity with your apartment and keep your tenants safe with essential information on the individual’s past criminal record. 
  • Prevent Prejudices – Responsible tenants can benefit from knowing that their details will be verified by a professional and trustworthy source that will respect their right to be treated honorably and be considered without prejudice. Validating criminal records through different databases can help you to mitigate your potential liability. 

Background checks must be a regular and necessary process. It reduces the number of security threats in your building. Your tenants will feel a lot safer, knowing that the building’s management will address the significant risks, thus, helps to keep the apartment safe. 

Install CCTV Cameras and Other Related Services

With Security cameras, you can always keep track of all the activities within your building. The installation of security cameras signifies the usefulness of the technology. Virtual concierge services can also help you to enhance your security system with 24/ 7 virtual surveillance. 

These security services can help you to keep your residents and tenants safe by preventing unauthorized individuals from entering the building. Also, there will be no need to write personal names on call boxes so that the resident and tenant information remains private. 

Implement Good Lighting System in Your Apartment Building

Bad lighting will always reduce the effectiveness of security solutions like security guards and security cameras. Good lighting in sidewalks, laundry rooms, parking lots, and hallways can ensure that your apartment building is safe. 

With this, it will be easier to identify strangers during the night hours. You can also consider solar-powered lights and use them throughout the night. 

For effective security, you can also consider sensor lighting, as it will automatically turn on when there is a movement. These lighting services will decrease the cost of power efficiently. 

Another excellent way of ensuring the overall safety is by installing the lights that have timers. With the timer lights, residents will not have to worry about turning the lights on or off. You will find this lighting system more useful when a house is empty or the residents are out of the station. 

Implement Effective Fire Security System 

Fire detection systems are vital in keeping the individuals safe from your building. If somehow your fire security system is down, your building and residents are at significant risk. 

In such cases, a Fire watch can help you to make sure that the residents are safe when the building’s fire security system is offline or not working properly. It ensures that your apartment building stays safe with fire regulations. 

The fire watch officers investigate all parts of the building while the fire security system is malfunctioning, is powered down, or is in testing mode. 

Regularly Resolve the Resident Complaints

If your residents have some unresolved complaints, safety becomes one of the significant concerns. It is essential to make an effective strategy for easy conflict resolution. Failure to resolve complaints will always lead to more complicated issues. 

For a good start, have a great management system that can track suggestions and complaints. Automation can also help you in this procedure. Tenants and residents must be able to contact the management at any given time. 

Residents can highlight those areas that require additional security. They might need the help of management to make safety more appealing. If you cannot resolve resident’s complaints, safety, and security in your building will remain elusive. 

Consider the Emergency Exits

As essential as it is to secure your building against burglary, security is also about ensuring that you can get out of the building in case of emergency. 

Consider for reliable fire escape plans, and if you live close to the ground floor, make sure that your house windows can open easily. 

Also, ensure that your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are working perfectly. You can also keep the fire escape ladder occupied so that the burglars cannot reach them from the ground. 

Upgrade your Door Locks

Usually, the apartment will always contain a deadbolt, but if not, make sure to install one instantly. You can contact the management team to get one for you. 

You will never know how many duplicate keys are there, and you will always want that you are the only individual to have access to your apartment. 

Installing robust door locks like a door enforcement lock or a chain lock can make sure you’re your apartment remains safe while you are in it.

And, always remember to keep spare keys, as it will help you if somehow you lost your hoe keys. It is very helpful in cases of emergency. 

Final Words

It is essential to implement adequate security measures for your buildings to ensure that your tenants and residents remain safe all the time. These tips can help you to keep the apartment safe, and no illegal activity occurs in your building.