Best form builder plugins for WordPress

Different website in WordPress has many plugins that enable one to add various forms, such as the registrations forms, login forms, contact forms, survey form, file uploading forms, payment forms, etc.
The form builder plugin is an instrument that comes with a great editor, and it is used in creating different forms that a person may require. Many people use the form builder plugin since it can make all the documents needed to decide which format to be used on a particular website through drag and drag builder and is less time-consuming.
There are six best form builder plugins used in creating different forms as discussed below;


WP Forms

The WPForms is the most downloaded and used form builder plugins on WordPress due to the ability to perform all the activities required to build the website. Its cost ranges between $79-$399 per year depending on the extensions and Zapier required. The WPForms can be used by both bloggers and entrepreneurs in their businesses. WPForms are as shown below;

Characteristics of WPForms.

. Simple and easy to use, the drag and drop builder.
. It has various initial template forms.
. it has a form builder plugin that can generate different forms like surveys and multi-page documents.
. It is connected with PayPal and Stripe to enhance the mode of payment processes.

Businesses and website developers mainly choose this form builder plugins since it allows them to perform many advanced activities.

Gravity forms

This form builder plugin helps to perform advanced activities due to its vital feature and is used by website developers and a range of brands in advancing their forms even though it is outdated. Observe the diagram below; Characteristics of Gravity form

. Has various essential gravity plugins on the website for making other forms.
. It has a spam protection feature.
. It has a visibility form builder that can make all forms.
. It has payment processors.

The price varies between $59-$259 per year.

Formidable forms

This type of form builder plugins has an advanced and improved design on WordPress, as shown;

Characteristics of Formidable forms
. It has access to more than two parties’ integrations, e.g., Zapier.
. Just like WPForms, it has a new drag and drops form builder for creating other forms.
. Enables bloggers to post and submit their content.
. It collects data and provides reports on various websites.
Study the diagram below;

Formidable forms range between $49-$599 per year, depending on the versions downloaded.

Typeforms or Hubspot forms

This form builder plugin enables one to add other forms on WordPress to the website. Its versions are free and do not require any payments. An image of Hubspot forms is as shown;

Characteristics of Typeforms
. It starts from registration, contact us, e.t.c, and has a designation feature from scratch.
. It speeds up emails and then. It adds up to a thousand and various types of the form field.
.It is used by entrepreneurs, marketers, and website developers and supports analytics, bots, and chats.

  1. Ninja Forms
    It is a famous form builder plugin used by millions of people. It has an advanced form builder and available both in free and premium versions.
    An image diagram of Ninja Forms;

Characteristics of Ninja Forms
. It has many different ads that help in making a choice on which one to use.
. It enables the email marketing process.
. It allows the creation of all types of form builder plugins.
. It is a suitable form builder plugin for beginners.
Take a look at the diagram below;

Bloggers and business people use it, and the price ranges between $29-$499 per year. It also has a free version for making simple forms.

  1. Everest Forms or Caldera Forms
    This form builder plugin was invented recently but has been downloaded by over a hundred thousand people because of its beauty feature and the fact that it is new. Below is a diagram on Everest Form;

Characteristics of Everest Form

. It is beautiful and easy to use.
. one can create forms with many columns.
. It helps in creating an advanced layout on WordPress.
. It enables payment modes like PayPal and stripe.
Its cost ranges between $69-$249 per year and has a free version with great features. It is used mainly by beginners and experts in various demographics.


In conclusion, the best and most recommended form builder plugin is WPForms since it has perfect specific features that make it useful for both beginners and advanced users. It is also able to store different statistics on its databases at an affordable price.
People might also be interested in Everest forms because they are new and has a perfect form builder that is easy to operate even by the kids. It is also beautiful, cost-effective, and less time-consuming in building a form.