5 Best Webinar WordPress Plugins

You can run customized and enlightening webinars direct from your site using WordPress webinar plugin. The attention of people in the entire world can get grabbed using webinars hosted on the best free webinar websites. Further, you can plan live and pre-recorded WooCommerce webinars without issues through WordPress seminar plugin. If you need any help regarding WordPress Update Services, then you can hire our WP Experts.

To make it easier for you, our team of professionals has compiled a list of the best WordPress webinar plugins. In this article, we have discussed them in detail. Here they are.

  1. WP WebinarSystem

This free webinar plugin for WordPress offers both free and premium versions. The free version allows you to implement custom-designed webinars on any WordPress website. Besides that, it is easier to use, as you only need a few clicks to organize both automated and live webinars with ease. Further, the free version of the WP WebinarSystem offers a free plan which you can use to make live webinars. All you need is to invite unlimited attendees to your webinar. And, remind them of the attendance by sending email notification reminders. 

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  • Offers custom designing for each webinar page.
  • Produce details regarding the attendees either in text or CSV files.
  • It allows you to send repeated reminders and email notifications.
  • It enables you to make unlimited WordPress webinar free.
  • It enables you to connect with numerous attendees without charges.
  1. WP GoToWebinar

This plugin is among the best WordPress webinar plugins. Are you planning to make, publish, and sell subscriptions for webinars form on your WordPress website? If so, WP GoToWebinar is your ideal WordPress webinar plugin. It allows, WP GoToWebinar is a higher-level plugin that adds details regarding upcoming webinars on your posts or pages automatically.  WP GoToWebinar is a free webinar plugin for WordPress that empowers you to design, manage, and arrange webinars with ease on WordPress websites.


  • Enables you to examine the performance and success rate of your webinars on the dashboard or via CSV data files.
  • It is easier to make, supervise, and sell directly from your WordPress website.
  • It allows you to state the formality title, description separately, and start and end time of every webinar.
  • Blocks spam users using Google reCaptcha. 
  • You can use various payment methods to receive webinar subscriptions — for example, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, and others.
  1. WebinarIgnition

WebinarIgnition is a WordPress seminar plugin that comes equipped with different features. These features assist you in carrying-out webinars that are well-organized on any WordPress website. 

Furthermore, this plugin empowers you to build-up distinct and convention pages for webinars. You can operate both automated and live WooCommerce webinars on your website.  It has three Basic plans Pro and Enterprise. Each of these plans has a one-time payable price and features, as shown on their official website. 

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  • It seconds many payment methods to receive membership fees for webinars. 
  • Empowers you to get questions and reply to answers when in live webinars.
  • You have the freedom to control every webinar straight from your website dashboard.
  • It has pre-designed templates that you can use to make webinar pages. And, complete to customize. 
  • This plugin is easier to connect with top email providers, such as iContact, Aweber, MailChimp, and others. 
  1. EasyWebinar

More than 8000 people around the world trust this plugin. Indeed, it is among the best WordPress webinar plugin for use on the best free webinar sites. Moreover, it provides features such as many integrations, completely responsive design, automated webinars, and live webinars. Further, apart from interacting with attendees, it is possible to export important information regarding attendees using a few clicks. Also, EasyWebinar has three paid plans, which are Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. Each of the plans has a specific monthly price and features, as illustrated on their official site. Besides that, every plan offers a 28% discount for any yearly subscription.


  • It allows you to conduct either one-time, repeated, and series of webinars with ease.
  • This plugin has a live chat option which you can use to interact with attendees.
  • Sharing screen, video, and audio are possible with this plugin. 
  • You can run one webinar with up to 4 speakers.
  • It provides the best video quality in both lives and recorded webinars. And, it prevents buffing and delays. 
  1. WebinarSystem

This WordPress webinar plugin allows you to perform automated, live, free and paid webinars. It does not restrict the number of attendees. And, you can easily run the webinar on any WordPress site. 

Besides that, all WooCommerce webinars carried out via this plugin authorizes you to share screen, video, and audio. Further, you can connect your WooCommerce website to sell tickets and receive payments via Stripe, PayPal, and other gateways.  Also, WebinarSystem plugin has both free and paid plans. The free plan gives you limited features like live webinars, live chat, and sending reminder emails. On the other hand, the premium plans (Single Site and Agency) have extra features. Each plan has distinct features, as shown on their official website.


  • It makes communication easier by supporting almost 20 languages. 
  • Authorizes you to run live and recorded webinars. 
  • This plugin is responsive. So, it permits the attendees to access the webinars using different devices. 
  • Uses video files, Amazon S3, YouTube, and other sources to run automated webinars.
  • It is easier to integrate WooCommerce, Aweber, MailChimp, and other third-party applications. 


All the above WordPress webinar plugins are best to use on your WordPress website in 2019. Thus, you can choose any of the responsive WordPress webinar free to use on any WordPress website