The Top Website Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

What are you doing on the Internet? As a result of the Internet, your marketing is no longer limited to emailing your friends and family or posting to Facebook. Nowadays, you can market almost anything online—including yourself! In order to make sure that your website design is eye-catching and effective, follow these tips.

Make sure you test before you launch.

As tempting as it is to just launch your website and see what happens, you will fail miserably if you don’t test first. The most important thing you can do is test your landing pages. This means that you must test your homepage and your blog. Just because you think you’ve designed a great website, that doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone. Your website is only as effective as the visitors to your site see it. Make sure that your visitors can navigate easily across your site, that your navigation is user-friendly, and that your home page is clear and bold. You will make far more mistakes during the design process than you will during implementation. When designing a website, your goal is not to finish the site as quickly as possible. Your goal is to create a site that your visitors will love visiting. Take the time to test your site out, and make sure that it works as it should. This will allow you to avoid many website design mistakes.

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Have a clear goal.

The first step in creating an effective website is clearly outlining your goal. You must know why you are creating the site, what the visitors to your site want to see, and what you need to provide in order to achieve those goals. Your website should not just lead users to your product—it should get them interested in your product. If people don’t care about your product, they will not want to stick around on your site for long periods of time. If they see that you have value to offer, they will want to stick around on your site to find out more. Your website should be a selling tool, not a static information-gathering device. This means that at the top of your home page, you should have a “What’s New” section. This section should be updated regularly and reflect the most recent news and events related to your industry. Once your visitors are on your site, you have a number of options for them. You can give them information about your product, answer their questions, or lead them to your sales page. Your goal is to get visitors to your site as quickly as possible.

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Use color to get attention.

The number one mistake that new web designers make is using the wrong color to represent their site. If you are using a color that is not related to your industry or product, your site will look very crowded, busy, and uncomfortable. Blue is often associated with calming, quiet, and even spiritual qualities, whereas red is bold, bright, and exciting. If you are unsure how to choose the right color for your site, take advice from your designer. Consistent color usage will help your site blend in with the rest of your website, not distract from it. A great way to ensure that your site looks great is to hire a professional designer. Working with a professional designer will save you from making many mistakes while designing your site. One of the most important things you can do as a web designer is to follow the designer’s design guidelines. These guidelines are meant to maximize the lifespan of your website by making sure that the site looks great even after years of usage.

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Avoid a common website design mistake.

When people first start out in the industry, they make the mistake of ignoring basic design principles. The biggest mistake that new web designers make is putting the navigation first. The navigation should be at the top of the page, not the bottom. Bottom-first navigation is extremely common on mobile devices. It is also very common on computers in which the users’ screen is nearest to the Internet connection. Taking the first step in your site’s navigation will cause a lot of problems for your site. For example, users will have a hard time finding what you’ve determined is the most important information on your site. Your site will also look very cluttered and messy when users have to scroll through the links on your page to find what they are looking for. Bottom-first links usually end up on Google as negative signals, meaning that people will be less likely to search for your products or services.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends and family.

Many website design problems can be solved quickly and inexpensively with the use of a code editor. If you are unsure how to use a code editor, a professional website design firm will be able to show you how to do it. One of the biggest reasons that new web designers make errors is because they are afraid to ask for help from friends and family members in the industry. They think that they don’t need the advice of others because they are the experts in their own field. But as entrepreneurs, you don’t know the ins and outs of website design and management like the professionals. You should seek out help when you need it, and not be afraid to ask for help. Website design is like any other business endeavor: you can’t do it alone. If you have a good team of friends and family members who you can turn to for advice, your success rate will be much higher than if you were to tackle the project alone.

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Don’t be afraid to hire a graphic designer or programmer.

Designers and programmers are like oil and water. They go hand in hand. Many new web designers don’t realize this, but when it comes to website design, a good programmer can often outdo a great designer. In fact, a study found that 80% of web page designers reported having worked with code before, whereas only 19% of the programmers had used the Internet prior to becoming a professional web developer. There are many websites where you can hire a designer or a programmer. These services can usually be found at sites like Upwork or Craigslist. If you are unsure how to find a designer or a programmer, Upwork and Craigslist are two popular freelance websites where you can find talent. This will allow you to hire anybody in the industry to help you with your website. You can also put ads in newspapers and online looking for freelance web designers and programmers. This will allow you to find talent in your area without having to look through thousands of applicants.


The Internet has opened up an endless world of opportunity for marketers and bloggers. With the right strategy and few mistakes, you can become an authority in your niche and earn a healthy income from the web. With a few simple adjustments to your website design, you can turn your landing page into an eye-catching and successful marketing tool.