What to Include In the Lease Agreement

You are thinking to make your home renting out, then there will be lots of things to be done. One important of all is doing the lease agreement. This is the legal document and the things to be added in the same will include the names of the renters, the tenure of staying here, and more in the lines. If you skip anything, then it will be a danger for you. Are you ready for the same? Surely, you will not be. So, you just do it rightly by adding clauses to each.

You are not sure about the things that should be covered in the lease agreement, then here the article is for you. Read the same and know the important factors that should be there.

Add the names of all

The legal document that is known as the lease agreement should be holding the names of each adult member who will stay there. The name of the married, non-married couples, the parents if they have and each one because through mentioning the names of everyone, you just tell that there will be no one who can be allowed to break the rules. The terms are applied to all and no one can deny the same. So, in any situation, no one can tell that they are free to do anything because they are not agreeing to the norms of the rental unit. Also, keep tracking the age and anyone who stays there becomes the adult after some days, then including their names in the contract after that will be the need for sure. 

Make the occupancy limited

This will be highly needed that you do the limitation of the occupancy. You should allow those whose names are mentioned on the agreement paper and their minor child. You should restrict the entry of all. You should be transparent in this matter and this clause will help you to stop the entry of unwanted people. Also, this clause will give you free hands to evict the people if they welcome friends and relatives regularly. So, you just keep this thing in mind and add the same to the contract.

The period of the tenancy

You are bound to give the best property management in Baltimore MD, but that to be for a fixed term and mentioning the time will be the responsibility of yours. So, don’t waste your time thinking much, make this clause included and this will give you the freedom of terminating the same. So, as per your needs, you just mention the period how long the renters can stay and after that, this will make your space free from the people without any doubt.


The agreement should mention the rent. You as the landlord have the expectation related to the rent and also the expenses related to the property management services, and more will be there. So, calculating all to set the rent will be the need and along with the same, you should mention it on the contract, so that in any situation, renters can’t deny paying the same. Also, it will be highly needed that you mention the terms what happened if payment is not made on time, and more. Each thing should be clearly mentioned, and this will provide safety for having the income perfectly.

Repairs and maintenance

The responsibilities related to the repairs and maintenance should be mentioned properly in the contract. What to do and what should not and if any damage is done by the renters, then the consequences will be there, and more should be mentioned on the contract so that no confusion can be there with you. So, add all and make the property management Baltimore City outstanding.


Your stands related to the rules of the pets should be mentioned in the contract. If you don’t allow the same, then it should be clearly mentioned and in the same way, if you allow, then also how to handle the needs and more that should be rightly written on papers. When you are able to mention everything rightly, then it will help you to establish your side strongly if the renters are not following the same and you can show them the way out.

Well, these are the common things that you should mention properly and along with the same, if you want to add anything else, then go with the same will be highly needed as well. When you are able to welcome all the terms, then doing the rental property management Baltimore County will be easier for sure. Also, you should remember that when you implement the rules, it should be done as per the local laws and more. You find managing all becomes challenging, then hire the manager for taking care of all but making it perfectly will be the need which you can’t ignore. All the best! 

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