Top 10 in-demand jobs for immigrants in Saskatchewan

As per the Conference Board of Canada’s 2-year outlook, Saskatchewan will witness a hike of 25, 900 jobs in 2023. Most of these will be sectors like Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism even as the economy of the province recovers from the impact of the pandemic.

Notwithstanding the huge demand for labor, immigration aspirants must know that a few occupations are in greater demand competitively. So, if they are employed in any of the Occupation in demand in Saskatchewan they have a competitive edge.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The SINP Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has been developed to address the current gaps in the labor market. It consists of 4 chief immigration categories:

  •         The Overseas Skilled Worker Category
  •         The Saskatchewan Work Experience
  •         The Entrepreneur Category
  •         The Farm Operator and Owner Category

Further, the Overseas Skilled Worker Category has innumerable occupations to the extent that it has a spate list of excluded occupations that are not eligible for application. It consists of 3 sub-categories:

  •         Employment Offer – Overseas Skilled Worker Stream
  •         Occupation in-Demand – Overseas Skilled Worker Stream
  •         Saskatchewan Express Entry – Overseas Skilled Worker Stream

The top 10 in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan are as follows:

Software Developers

The tech professionals who are responsible for writing, altering, integrating, and testing computer code for communications software, operating systems-level software, data processing applications, and software applications are the Software Developers. Evidently, they are in huge demand in Saskatchewan.

As per Randstad, Software Developers are among the top occupations partially due to the fact that all types and sizes of organizations require them for designing app solutions, developing or maintaining internal software, or assisting with the implementation of cloud and other technologies.

  •         NOC – 21232
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $71,077


Professionals in accounting are highly suitable for handling the responsibility of the management of finances in times of economic recovery. Accountants are responsible for designing, coordinating, and managing the accounting systems used by corporations, individuals, and governments for tracking money.

  •         NOC – 11100
  •         Median Yearly Salary  – $79,696

Retail Sales Representatives

Associates in Retail Sales directly work with consumers for selling, renting, or leasing a variety of non-technical and technical services and items in every store. The job search portal Indeed noted that during the peak vacation shopping season, there were more than a thousand sales jobs in Saskatchewan.

  •         NOC – 64100
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $29,250

Construction Trades Helper

Owing to the dynamic construction sector in the Saskatchewan province, the demand for construction trades workers is very high. These workers are employed in open-pit mines, quarries, and construction sites usually for owners of quarries and surface mines owners, labor contractors, and construction firms.

  •         NOC – 75110
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $42,900

Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Saskatchewan offers good pay to Heavy Equipment Mechanics due to the multiple tasks they perform such as maintaining, overhauling, adjusting, troubleshooting, and repairing heavy-duty mobile equipment. This is in various sectors like Farming, Land Clearing, Landscaping, Material Handling, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Forestry.

  •         NOC –  72401
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $67,665

According to Job Bank Canada, it is anticipated that the nation will witness circumstances of increasing demand for this occupation till 2028.

Transport Truck Drivers

The demand for Truck Drivers soared during the pandemic for transporting packages. Further with the exit of baby boomers in this profession from the workforce, the demand for younger drivers will intensify for replacing them.

  •         NOC – 73300
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $48,750

Beverage and Food Servers

Restaurants in Saskatchewan are experiencing an acute scarcity of Servers due to the severe shortage of these workers.

  •         NOC – 65200
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $25,350

Heavy Equipment Operators

Many industries in Saskatchewan have a huge demand for Heavy Equipment Operators for construction, maintenance, material handling, surface mining, and quarrying. This is for buildings, tunnels, gas and oil pipelines, airports, bridges, and roads.  

  •         NOC – 73400
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $58,500

Heavy Equipment Operators are employed for cargo handling, logging, pipeline, public works agencies, contractors, construction firms, and other businesses.

Personal Support Worker 

In-home care for recuperating patients, the disabled, and the elderly are offered by Personal Support Workers. They can be employed by homecare and support organizations and private residences, or they can work for themselves.

  •         NOC – 44101
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $37,050


An unprecedented labor crisis is being witnessed by the hospitality sector and as a result, restaurateurs in Saskatchewan are scrambling to get Cooks. While the wage is not on the higher end, there is no dearth of jobs in the hospitality sector for Cooks.

  •         NOC – 63200 
  •         Median Yearly Salary – $29,500

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