Top 10 Best Places to Go For Bungee Jumping in USA

As we all know that people claim New Zealand to be the inventor of  bungee jumping, moreover the United States is home to more than a few prime bungee jumping spots.Bungee jumping in usa is probably the easiest and the most trendy adventure sport in the entire world.A huge mass of youth have craze of bungee jumping and how can we forget to adrenaline junkies who are always in search of thrill and adventure to get their heart pumping. The United States  is home to tons of beautiful  and high bridges, rugged canyons, and gushing rivers, so that people may not have to travel far to get your kicks.

                       So ,if you are also looking to get your heart pumping? These places — mostly bridges — across the USA ,will have you falling from insane heights that are only for crazy thrill seekers like yourself. Close your eyes and take a leap of faith! Here we go for the Top 10 Best Places For Bungee Jumping in the USA…. 

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1.Rio Grande Bridge for Bungee Expeditions

 Rio Grande Bridge is approx 955 feet high bridge formed on the Arkansas River. Rio Grande Bridge was recorded as the highest bridge in this world from 1929 to 2001.Rio Grande Bridge by Bungee Expeditions is a tourist attraction specially the trill-lovers, but it is also the most expensive place to jump from. Experiencing Bungee Jump  from one of the highest bungee jumping spots in the world is a great adventure.

2.Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, Idaho

Perrine Bridge is  a four-lane  bridge and it is the eighth highest bridge in the United States. Perrine Bridge is approx 3600 feet high.That view is definitely an unforgettable moment when you jump from 148 meters high bridge, people also jump with a parachute from Perrine Bridge. When you jump from Perrine Bridge you can see the glimpse of the beautiful Snake River which flows on the bottom.

3.Navajo Bridge for   Bungee Expeditions in Marble Canyon, Arizona

This amazing Navajo Bridge spreads all  over a beautiful red rock desert gorge and  it is the 10th highest jump bridge in the United States.Navajo Bridge is a pair of steel spandrels,the length of the bridge is approx 834 feet and height is approx 467 feet from the floor. Here, crazy Bungee jumpers can expect a  great thrilling jump of 467 feet with excellent views of the surrounding area.

4.Hansen Bridge for Bungee Expeditions in Eden, Idaho

Hansen Bridge is an Idaho favorite for the advanced bungee jumper because of its extreme height. It is a  narrow bridge located over Snake River.Crazy Jumpers  are treated to an exhilarating 400 foot fall over  here which is followed by  the beautiful river below. Individual jumpers who  want to jump from Hansen Bridge, should be more  careful though. 

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5.High Steel Bridge in Washington

The High Steel Bridge is one of the most beautiful bungee jumping spots in the United States, nestled in the dense rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. It is  surrounded by lush evergreens and a meandering ice-blue river below which calls for an unforgettable experience.

6.Crooked River Bridge in Boise, Idaho

This Crooked River Bridge is a huge giant steel arch bridge that spans all over the famous Crooked River gorge and has a length of very long i.e. 464 feet and  also dangles approx 300 feet over the canyon below. An adventure to this amazing  Crooked River Bridge can easily be split into two different adventures as it is located near the famous Smith Rock climbing area.So its a  two-in-one adventure package for the adventure lovers.

7.Northern California Bridges of famous Icarus Bungee in Alameda, California

Icarus Bungee has a different fan base among all levels of bungee jumpers. Tour of Northern California Bridges takes its jumpers to the highest and most exciting bridges in Northern California and serves them a great trip full of thrill and excitement .It is one of the best places to go for Bungee Jumping in the USA.

8.Air Boingo Tower with  Zero Gravity in Dallas, Texas

For the people who want to start off small, the Air Boingo Tower brought to the masses by Zero Gravity Theme Park is the place to do it. This tower is located in the very  middle  of the Metroplex and lets its crazy visitors drop from  70 feet  although safely. The Air Boingo Tower was specifically designed for  apprehensive newbies to this extreme sport who don’t have to worry about hitting their head or getting snagged. This is a  famous spot of Bungee Jumping in the USA.

9.Royal Gorge Bridge by the very famous GoFast! Game of  Canyon City, Colorado

The Royal Gorge Bridge is a huge 1,260 foot long suspension bridge that is built over the Arkansas River. This bridge is a tall huge bridge that stands 150 feet high above the Arkansas River and  it was considered to be the tallest bridge in the world till 2003.Bungee jumping and BASE jumping on this bridge are allowed only for the 3 day event of the GoFast! rest days it is considered to be illegal. It is a great place to  experience fun and adventure together in the USA.

10.Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge for Bungee Adventures in Sacramento, California

Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge is located in northern California. Bungee Adventures open a wide variety of bridges for groups  of jumpers  in Northern California, from large huge trees and cliffs to bridges.This Sierra Nevada Mountains Bridge is actually a railway bridge that is laid between the mountains in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range near to Lake Tahoe.  Bungee jumpers can enjoy a high jump of 100 feet  while taking views of  beautiful  sceneries of mountains and landscape.It is one of the best and exciting  places for  Bungee Jumping in the USA.