Things to consider before switching to signal

Recently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp updated its privacy policy, prompting several users to seem for alternative platforms.

Anyway, you ought to be watching two alternatives to WhatsApp — Signal and Telegram.

Top among the app is Signal, a California-based app, run by a not-for-profit organisation. 

The signal is one of the best end-to-end encrypted messengers on the market. Signal provides secure email, audio, and video calls to its users and every one messages are encrypted end-to-end a bit like WhatsApp. It offers robust security, keeps minimal information about its users, and is liberal to use. Switching thereto as your main messenger are often a touch daunting, so to assist, we created a guide to steer you through the method.

But before you should use Signal you need to know some several keys…

1. Screen lock option:

Signal also allows setting a registration lock PIN before entering, which helps users protect private profile information. This number also helps retrieve profile, settings, contacts if a user loses the device or switches to a replacement one.

2. Set time to Destroy

You can configure certain messages or threads to destroy themselves after a group interval of your time. So, if you think that that a message should be in your recipient’s inbox for less than five minutes, you’ll make that happen, and therefore the messages are going to be automatically deleted after five minutes.

3. Blur faces on photos

In Signal the sent photo option includes an auto face blurring tool, and also manually swipe out additional option of the screen to blur if you would like to send an ID document.

4. Stop Ads

Signal also promises that there won’t be any ads, a minimum of for now. WhatsApp had similar promises in the beginning, but that changed after Facebook acquired it. For the foreseeable future, which may not happen with Signal, because it’s an open-source project. It’s very hard to monetize an open-source project with ads.

5.Avoid Screenshots

Users also can enable incognito keyboard mode and block screenshots within the app.

6. Hide Notifications

For those wanting true privacy, you will need to cover your Signal notifications. All notification alert can fully visible to anyone even without unlocking your phone. While this is often convenient, it does open up us to a privacy concern. The safer method is to hide these messages so that they don’t appear on the lock screen. There are two methods to accomplish this. We’ll start with the easier one.


The interface and a few of the user experience design can have some, let’s say, interesting glitches. However, none of these problems affect security.

Anyone bent tracking your internet use can see you’re using Signal. However, they won’t be able to read your messages.