The Future of Signage: How Variable Message Sign is Changing the Game

VMS boards (Variable Message Signs) are generally used for traffic management. At first, it included static signs, but with the technology evolving every minute, LED and LCD VMS gradually entered this market. The primary reason for using it near busy roads and highways is its clear visibility during harsh weather conditions like rain, fog, etc.

Purpose of Using VMS Boards

Nowadays, usage of VMS is not restricted to traffic control management but is also used for many other purposes. For example, many restaurants use VMS boards outside their outlet to grasp the attention of the people passing by. Other than this, it is also used for brand promotions, announcements, advertising, business location, road, and civil works.

Therefore, utilising it creatively can be an attractive way of boosting your business. Scroll down to other benefits of using VMS.

How Variable Message Signs Can Be Beneficial in Marketing?

Slowly, VMS will be totally into the world of marketing and advertising due to its versatility and effectiveness than other old forms of advertising.

1.      Portable

There are two types of variable message signs, one is mobile VMS, and the other is Static VMS. Earlier, it was mostly installed in one place, but now people are opting for trailer-mounted VMS as it is lightweight and easily movable. For instance, you can use it for indoor and outdoor promotions, announcements, etc., regarding your business.

2.      Cost-effective

Variable message signs are much more cost-effective than other old forms of advertising. You can customise the message anytime you want on the board which makes it multi-purpose. For example, every business requires different marketing strategies every month thus using VMS can save a lot of money on printing posters or the same.

3.      Engaging

VMS is much more eye-catchy and engaging than ordinary posters on hoardings. It will help your brand to reach more people and this will result in increasing the brand visibility.

Buying it can be an expensive affair for a start-up company but numerous reliable VMS providers are offering rental services at transparent price brackets. Henceforth, you can opt for Led Sign Hire instead of buying them.

What Should You Keep in Mind While Buying or Renting a Variable Message Sign?

Before opting for a VMS you must determine the location and purpose of using it. Here are the following factors you must consider while buying or renting it:

  • Size of the sign
  • Amber or coloured display
  • The viewing distance
  • Wired system or solar powered

The total number of text displayed on the board solely depends on the character size and the clarity of the message. Most people use signs of 48/28 pixels as it provides enough visibility in more or less all climatic conditions.

Day by day, VMS are transforming in terms of their function and way of usage. Yet, if you have not used VMS boards, you must buy or hire one from a reliable provider nearby.