The Benefits of Peer Review to Improve Assignment Writing Skills

A student feels more confident when a peer review on a writing assignment is provided. Even though an instructor’s insights on an assignment hold much value. But when students look into each other’s work, it offers more opportunities for learning. storyline

There are many benefits of peer reviews, to start with it provides students’ awareness of their own writing and others. Students get into the act of practicing how to review and get to know well about the specific writing criteria. By giving and receiving feedback, students are well-positioned to gain plenty of perspectives on different types of writings.

 Peer reviews also helps students gather professional knowledge. When students get engaged with each other, it helps in better community building and active participation.

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What are the practices involved in peer reviewing?

One must understand the fact that peer review is beneficial for both. There must be substantial revision and all the rules must be followed well and taken care of.

A peer review can happen in or outside the class. It can take place in person or electronically. It can be in groups or pairs. Many methods can be applied to peer reviews, like incorporating a student’s exchange program or involving in some online student exchange programs. Peer reviews should take place more than once to gain fluency. It must take place several days before the submission so that students have sufficient time to make revisions.

Students learn better from people at their level of learning. Peer review can provide some of the best feedback. We list below some of the benefits which peer review offers.

Builds comfort level

It is essential that students develop the habit of taking constructive criticism and be able to listen to others. Regular assessment and reviews will take them more towards success. Peer review can strengthen a student’s work. Students get to think openly about their writing and be more acceptable of the grader’s perspective too. Next, students get critically engaged in learning when assisted with someone from their own group.

Saves grading time

When peer review is implemented, it helps in saving time for the final submission. Students get time to revise, and their chances of improvement increase. A strong peer-review exercise serves many purposes along with saving the grading time. By seeing the design of the peer-review activity, one will be able to assess if it is in sync with the recent grading system.

Diversity of opinion

The peer review process is not perfect, but it permits diversity of opinion. The personal biases are removed, and reduce the chances of plagiarised or duplicate assignments. The validity of an assignment is evaluated through different perspectives. In the preliminary check, one learns if any issues are involved and if it needs corrections.

Who can become a peer reviewer?

An individual is expected to have expertise or knowledge in the subject area to become a peer reviewer. It also depends on interests, resources available, and a person’s capabilities.

  • An individual must be good at research practice.
  • Can handle area of conflict and resolve it well.
  • Prompt and quick in reviews.

hances of students getting confused and not being able to select the right method can be a possibility.

So, we offer a guideline for those willing to do a peer review:

  • Start by reading the document completely before commenting. Have enough time to read and go through all the details.
  • You should be aware of the latest editing tools.
  • Put the comments in the right places.
  • Overall, sum up the strengths and weaknesses of the document.
  • If there is an area of confusion, then ask the instructor for clarification.
  • Be suggestive in tone and not commanding.
  • All the comments should be constructive and appropriate. Do not put anyone down or try to demoralise them.
  • Make sure that your comments are clear and to the point.
  • Be a reader who raises questions.
  •  Do not be biased by your own opinion.
  • Read your comments again before intending to go for a final submission.
  • The words should make sense and must be easy to follow.

    Some dos and don’ts of peer reviewing

  • Do review many days before the final submission so that students have the time to make revisions.
  • Keep the parameters clear, and the deliverables mentioned to avoid any confusion.
  • Provide coaching to students to be better peer reviewers.
  • Discuss what is expected through peer reviews- meaningful feedback.
  • Provide examples if required.

Students need to be guided in a structured way. The language should not sound evaluative – instead of writing – ‘ Is the paper well organised,’ write ‘ Outline the paper.’

Most of the time, students are not aware of what works best, and feedback is a must. Also, students should be told how to handle constructive criticism. Students need to be said that macro-level issues matter.

Is peer review too critical?

Some students do not have positive feedback in peer review. They think that it is not as productive, and at times it can be too critical. Some peers might lack the ability and provide vague or not-so-constructive feedback. Some might skim through the content and offer surface-level editing rather than deepening the work.  It is important to select the right reviewer who has proper skills.

But peer review, when structured well as a regular course component, have a positive response.

Peer review is an informal method of getting feedback. Sometimes the student himself initiates the process and sends the assignment to colleagues and friends for feedback. The main advantage is that one can easily get responses.

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Peer reviewing is an ideal way to complete the assignment flawlessly and help students get better at writing assignments.

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