How A 360 Home Camera Provides Complete Home Security?

Do you live in a burglar-prone area? Consider installing a home camera for the safety of your home and family. There are many home camera models in the market, all with different features. The 360-home camera is perfect for this; with its panoramic view, you can turn it in any direction. The camera also has other exciting features, such as two-way calling, motion detection and intruder alarm. Similarly, they are easy to install, operate and cost-friendly. Here’s why you must install this fantastic home camera today.

What Features make the 360° Home Unique?

This camera is modern, versatile and equipped to help homeowners safeguard their homes and loved ones from danger. These features make the camera stand out and perfect for your home.

– Motion Tracking and 360° Panoramic View

Motion tracking and a 360° panoramic view ensure you have complete security in your house, leaving nothing to chance. The 360° panoramic view feature of this camera enables it to view the entire space it’s installed in, and the motion sensors help track objects in the field of view. During installation, you set an activity zone where the camera monitors movement, and when someone enters it, you get an alert immediately. Also, you can watch a video of who is in the field of view and what they are doing.

– 2-Way Calling

This unique feature makes it possible for two-way communication between the person in front of the camera and the viewer. This wireless camera for home will help you interact with a friend at your doorstep. Interestingly, you can talk to an intruder in your home, letting them know they have been recorded.

– Cloud Based Storage

There is nothing as frustrating as searching for footage only to discover that it was erased due to storage space. The 360 home camera is fantastic as you don’t have to only rely on your micro SD card. Even when your camera is stolen or damaged, you can still access your footage from cloud storage.

– Night Vision

For security purposes, you must ensure continuous recording, whether day or night. Hence, nighttime recording is an essential feature for home surveillance. The camera should capture details from afar, even in darkness. This camera is perfect for you as it ensures crystal clear recording of up to 30 feet using IR LED.

– User-Friendly App

Homeowners would want to access the surveillance footage with ease and comfort. This wireless camera for home is compatible with both Android and iOS apps. This is very convenient as you can be a thousand miles from home but aware of what’s happening at home.

– Diverse Installation options 

When you think of a surveillance camera, you see it set up high in your home. However, the camera is versatile, with multiple installation options. If you are into DIY, read the installation manual, and you can easily set up your camera. You can mount it on your wall, ceiling, tabletop etc.Security in your homes and with family members is paramount. That’s why the 360 home camera perfectly fits your surveillance needs. It offers a 360° panoramic view, detects motions, and has a two-way calling, among other great features. If you need to be part of a revolutionary CCTV surveillance, order a 360 home camera today. You will be on the right journey to ensure complete home security.