GuideĀ on Mental Health Awareness in CBSE School

For a child’s total growth at any CBSE school, mental health is of the utmost importance. Mental development is just as crucial to a child’s healthy development as physical development is. Children need to be able to express their thoughts and feelings since they encounter a variety of scenarios during their educational journey. 

It’s crucial to have this conversation about children’s mental illness at every CBSE school and to provide them the care they require given everything that kids nowadays must deal with. 

It will support their development into content adults who believe in their skills and are eager to accomplish their objectives. After submission of class 3 fees 2023, a guide will be allotted to each student regarding this.

What Exactly Is Pediatric Mental Health?

Children can accomplish all the developmental and emotional milestones when their minds are in good shape. They acquire social skills that enable them to deal effectively with issues at home, at school, and in society. When children have a good outlook on life and effectively control their emotions, mental health is regarded to be present. 

Children do frequently display disruptive behaviors or feelings of dread and anxiety. However, if they occur frequently and interfere with their daily lives at home and school, they may be identified as having a mental condition.

What Mental Problems Are Prevalent In Children?

One of the most prevalent mental illnesses in children is attention deficit 

1. Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

2. Stress (Fears and worries)

3. Depression 

4. Conduct dysfunction

5. Compulsive behavior disorder

6. Post-traumatic stress disorder

7. Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Can Mental Disorders in Children Be Treated?

It is easier to get a child proper care and therapy when mental illnesses are diagnosed early. In addition to working closely with mental health professionals, parents should also communicate with everyone else in their child’s surrounding environment, including teachers, therapists, coaches, and other family members. Mental illnesses in children can be properly treated with the use of medical assistance and the resources at hand. 

What Can We Do to Support Mental Health in Children?

Support for mental health issues in children is necessary, as is encouragement to help them develop their personalities and self-confidence. They learn that they are in a safe environment, that they are free to explore the world, and that their elders will support them if they face difficulties.

Why Is Mental Health in Children So Important?

Today’s world is very different. The academic life of a child is quite hard. The children aren’t equipped to handle the stress on their own because of the chaotic nature of social media and peer pressure. Children cannot handle the challenging situations they encounter at school or home without the assistance and direction of their elders. 

Children are frequently pushed to toughen up while their feelings of anxiety, worry, dread, and despair go unacknowledged. Therefore, individuals tend to withdraw into a shell and exhibit behavioral issues when they are unable to cope with these emotions and are condemned for being honest. 

What Effects Do Mental Illnesses Have On Young People?

Our mental health’s state directly affects our physical health. Long-lasting and affecting a person’s entire life are mental diseases. Children’s academic performance, personal relationships, and social interactions will all suffer if their mental illnesses are not properly identified and treated. Mental illnesses can interfere with a child’s normal growth and result in problems when they get older.

How Can You Help?

Here are some ways that you, as parents and teachers, can promote children’s mental health at school to safeguard their mental well-being.

1. Establish a positive, secure learning environment.

Children do better in schools where they feel safe. Make sure that each student feels secure at school. Encourage courteous, responsible, and respectful behavior while avoiding harmful behaviors like bullying and harassment. 

Establish conduct guidelines, employ just punishments, and guarantee adult supervision in all areas of the school. Encourage kids to speak out against bullying and ask for assistance if they ever find themselves in a vulnerable situation or alone.

2. Make School-Based Mental Health Supports Available

Students in schools receive the required assistance for mental health issues from counselors, school psychologists, and social workers. They ensure students’ mental well-being by prompt diagnosis and assessment of any behavioral issues, promotion of mental wellness, early intervention, parent education, individual or group counseling, and crisis intervention services. 

3. Provide staff, parents, and students with information on the signs and resources for mental health issues

The stigma associated with mental illness is lessened by education and increased understanding about mental health. Parents can get all the mental health information they need concerning mental diseases signs, such as withdrawal or a decline in social interaction and academic performance, irrational behavior, or physical problems, from the school’s mental health support team.

4. Health Care Workers

For the safety of students’ mental and physical well-being, administrators, security experts, and healthcare professionals provide the crisis-response team that is much required. When necessary, this team offers intervention and post-intervention services.

5. Academic leaders and educators

Teachers or administrators can collaborate with families and healthcare providers to detect any mental health difficulties early and to offer the proper assistance and treatment for any children who may be experiencing challenges with their mental health.


In modern society, children’s mental health is a significant issue. They must receive the aid they require from a school to meet the demands of the contemporary educational system.  Children who experience mental health issues are supported by school psychologists and counselors at Ahmedabad’s top school. For the benefit of their general growth and physical and mental well-being, this international school in my neighborhood provides a secure, encouraging atmosphere for its kids after the submission of class 3 fees 2023.