Features of IT Outstaffing in Ukraine

Outstaffing is a topical service for the IT-industry. Ukraine has created favorable conditions for companies in the field of information technology. The current state program provides assistance for IT specialists who move to Ukraine from other countries (in particular, from Belarus). However, the country still lacks qualified developers, web-designers, testers, product managers, cybersecurity specialists and general programmers. This problem can be solved with the help of IT outstaffing.

What is Outstaffing

Outstaffing is renting qualified personnel (in this case, IT industry specialists) to work on a project. Many companies have great potential in the development of online services, sites, and software. But they do not have the ability to hire a large staff of developers to work on temporary projects. 

IT outstaffing comes to the rescue. The service IT outstaffing in Ukraine is offered by several large recruiting companies, which provide experienced IT-specialists for rent.

What is the advantage of this service for companies from Ukraine:

  • No need to hire expensive employees, overpaying taxes;
  • No need to worry about social security of temporarily hired IT-specialists (health care, vacation, social benefits are paid by the outstaffing company);
  • No need to train staff to work on a complex and demanding project;
  • No need to provide separate equipped workplaces in the office (in most cases the hired team works remotely).

Outstaffing temporary employees perform the same duties as full-time employees. The only difference is that the company does not need to hire specialists for a one-time project lasting a few weeks, months, six months, or a year. Renting out experienced developers, web designers and other IT specialists is relevant for any tasks related to development and programming. For example, you can use outstaffing service in Ukraine to create a website, online service, mobile application, software. This service is also relevant to work on updates, bug fixes and enhancements of software products. 

Outstaffing services in Ukraine will help reduce the cost of developing IT projects, since long-term hiring of developers is always more expensive than temporary lease. At the same time, hired specialists thoroughly understand their field. They know how to work on the terms of reference and are ready to start the next day after the conclusion of the contract and discussion of the problem.

Outstaffing is also used by companies for independent supervision of in-house developers. For example, temporarily hiring a team of qualified IT developers is cheaper than training in-house staff for a one-off project.

How to Use IT Outstaffing

It is quite simple to use IT outstaffing services. First you need to choose a company that provides trained and qualified developers, layout designers, web designers, and other information technology staff. Next, you need to provide requirements for the team (number of people, specialization, terms of reference for a specific task). The specialists of the outstaffing company will individually select the performers for the conditions of a one-time project. The company also takes responsibility for the result and good working conditions. The customer does not need to worry about anything. Having paid for outstaffing services, you can only wait for the result in accordance with the task.