Choosing a Home with a Walkout Basement: 6 Things to Consider

Are you planning to build a new home and looking forward to a walkout basement as its prominent feature? You may have heard about a similar concept from your neighbours or have come across such a concept from your family and friends. 

Whatever it may be, you need to discuss your plans with Kelowna home builders and study the detailed aspects of such a home. But do you even know what having such a basement may mean for your home? Basements are usually unused spaces where homeowners dump their goods and hardly ever come back to take a look into them.

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But the concept of a traditional basement has changed today. Naturally, you can decipher the uproar regarding walkout homes where basements lead to yards. It may also mean that you have transformed the background into a living area. Many people are converting basements into home offices. There are a few cons of such a structure as well. So, you need to take a close look at this option before you decide.

Things to know when building a home with a walkout basement

Numerous ideas may emerge in your mind when conceptualising the design of a home with a walkout basement. Are you feeling confused about this concept or whether it is the right option or not?  Here is what you need to know in detail about a home with a walkout basement.

  1. Use the basement appropriately
  2. Gone are the days when basements were nothing else than spaces for dumping things you do not want to have inside your home. So, don’t feel surprised if you find the old leather jacket lying abandoned in a box or a couple of those comics that you loved reading. Gone are those days when the basement was preferably a junkyard.

    Today, you have so many ways of converting the basement into a living space. Why don’t you get the most out of this opportunity to share your wish list with home builders in Kelowna? That way, you will come across ways to create a walkout basement like an independent living space.

  3. Add value to your investment
  4. Building a house is like investing for one lifetime. Therefore, you need to look for ways to add value to your money and of course, the house you build. That is why a walkout basement is a profitable prospect if you consider the long-term consequences. The basement becomes a walkout home and is treated like an additional living space. It may cost you more than a home with a traditional basement but the benefits are worth the money you invest.

  5. Forget the dark and dingy basement
  6. With a walkout basement in your new home, it’s time to say goodbye to the dark and dingy basements. You need to discuss with custom home builders in Kelowna BC about creating a basement where natural light is abundant. You can also create a makeshift bedroom in the basement area if your requirements match.

    Suppose you return home from the office at late hours or need to move out for your business at erratic hours, the walkout basement can serve as another bedroom where you will not disturb anyone and be on your own there. In that case, you need to have a customs arrangement of a bathroom and a small pantry area as well. That makes the dark basement a fully independent living space that also leads to the outdoors.

  7. A good option for pet-friendly people
  8. Are you a pet-friendly person and need to access the outdoors frequently? If you are the one taking care of your pet solely, you will benefit from a basement that has two exit doors.  That is why walkout basements are a good option for people who love to take their pets out and need more free space for living. Why don’t you explore the designs of new townhomes in Kelowna to decide if you want a similar style of home with a walkout basement? At Dilworth Homes, the experts can build homes with basements that provide quick access to the exteriors.

  9. Protect the basement
  10. You must have repaired the basement due to moisture and dampness issues. But if you want a permanent solution to this problem, you need to make the basement function like a living unit with access to the exteriors. Besides, you can do customisations to a walkout basement in the way that makes it more functional.

  11. Increase the construction cost
  12. Building a walkout basement may require grading and excavation, thereby increasing the cost. Make sure you have an intense discussion with the homebuilder to understand where the total cost might reach so that you are financially prepared to bear the cost.

Does a walkout basement sound like an attractive option? If you are planning to build a house with a functional basement leading to the yard, make sure you understand the features of such a space fully before starting the construction.