AthenaOne App Vs. NovoClinical: Best EMR of 2023

We know that deciding which software is best for you might be challenging. For this reason, we have written this article comparing two incredible programs from which you might choose. Some of the most beneficial aspects for practice are provided by AthenaOne ehr and NovoClinical emr. How precisely do they provide? Find out by reading on.

What is AthenaHealth EHR Software?

Athenahealth is conceivably one of the main contenders when talking about electronic health records (EHRs). You will see why as you continue reading this post. Utilizing state-of-the-art developments in electronic health records, population health, telemedicine, and medical billing, this cloud-based healthcare software improves patient care.

AthenaHealth EHRFeatures

Patient Engagement

They want to be able to chat with medical professionals right away online. The patient engagement features from athenahealth allow you to automate alerts for appointments, follow-up treatment, billing, and test results on the patient portal.

Revenue Cycle Management

If you automate administrative tasks using the revenue cycle management software AthenaCollector, your firm may grow without adding more employees. Denials must be reduced in order to boost income and manage claims efficiently.


There is no need to work with a different telehealth provider because athenaTelehealth is totally integrated with the athenahealth platform. The athenaTelehealth platform provides a number of services, including fully integrated billing support, automated patient outreach, and programmable video windows, all without the need for additional downloads or software.

AthenaHealth EHR Pricing

Many companies are hesitant to immediately reveal their costs. Check to see whether you might be able to do business with AthenaHealth. Obtain a cost estimate from them.

AthenaHealth EHR Demo

Have any more questions about the features come up? If you need a more in-depth visual breakdown of how specific features work, a demo visit is a fantastic choice. However, AthenaHealth does not offer a free trial; only a free demo is offered.

AthenaHealth EHR Reviews

The AthenaHealth installation could be useful for patients and medical professionals because to its usability and reporting features, which have received multiple favorable user reviews.

NovoClinical EMR Software

All the features required to establish a successful medical practice are included in the NovoClinical EHR software, which was created for small to medium-sized practices. Along with on-site installation, it can also be accessed through the cloud, an iPad, and other mobile devices. Numerous specialties are supported by NovoClinical EHR, such as gastroenterology, dermatology, obstetrics, pediatrics, and immunology.

NovoClinical EMR Features

Appointment Scheduling

The software offers sophisticated scheduling capabilities. The date and color coding of patient visits allows doctors to distinguish them correctly. Furthermore, you can quickly add specific patient notes and schedule repeat visits.

Patient Portal

When registering for the patient portal, the patient only needs to enter important information once, such as insurance and medical history. Manual data entry is no longer necessary thanks to quick data loading into the EHR system.


The software offers a potent e-prescribing technology for the advantage of you and your patients. You can use the Electronic Prescription capability to order and distribute medications online with only one click. You can also easily manage your interactions with the pharmacy and medical orders.

NovoClinical EMR Reviews

NovoClinical is easy to use and navigate, according to novo solutions md reviews. They continue to offer assistance because of the professionalism and responsiveness of their support personnel.

NovoClinical EMR Pricing

The cost of the program starts at $100 per month. However, please click on the pricing button to receive a precise quote based on the size of your practice.

NovoClinical EMR Demo

Booking a demo is a useful decision-making tool for clinicians and medical administrators who wish to see how the EHR would or could operate in their healthcare context.

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AthenaOne App EHR Vs. NovoClinical EMR Software—Final Thoughts

AthenaClinicals EHR, a cloud-based electronic health record platform, gives doctors options and enables them to prioritize patient requirements while completing documentation more rapidly and accurately. Thanks to straightforward protocols and a fully integrated mobile app, users may access patient records, write and sign orders, and handle patient crises whenever and wherever they are.
NovoClinical provides DME billing, UB-04 support, and medical billing and reporting modules. In a matter of seconds, the software offers complete demographic input. Instantaneous insurance eligibility checks, medical history inquiries, and test findings appear on the doctors’ dashboard, facilitating rapid medical care and operational effectiveness. Additionally, it provides a free patient portal module. Additionally, clinical summaries, prescription histories, and test results from the past are all securely accessible to patients.
We hope we were able to alleviate some stress from your decision-making, but even then, if you feel even the slightest confusion and feel like you need more clarity, our doors are always open to help you. Be sure to conduct as many review comparisons as possible on your own!