Acell and PRP injection- best non-surgical option for hair loss

The PRP with the Acell injection is a non-surgical treatment that helps hair thinning and hair loss with the use of blood platelets to enhance hair growth. It a quick office treatment that is performed by the doctor within less than one hour. The PRP components of blood, that is, platelets cell, are known for their growth factors as it, in turn, begins to show results by the third week right after injection. The platelet cells give a signal to your body tissues to regenerate and multiply. 

The Acell is a naturally occurring material that works in triggering the formation of new blood vessels, recruiting stem cells, and resorb, which late leaves the patient without any scar behind. The combination of the PRP and Acell therapy activates hair growth for both me and women who have been affected by the pattern and other hair loss.

How to perform the PRP and Acell injection therapy

For maximum comfort, while undergoing this treatment, it is essential to use a local aesthetic. First of all, have blood drawn and spun in a special machine which separates it into separate layers. The machine is known as a centrifuge. It discerns different blood content of blood until you get plasma which is rich with a platelet cell content. The entire process is meticulous, with injection placed into the scalp with a syringe that enhances the hair follicles. 

Once the PRP, which contains the Acell injection, is introduced into the scalp, they begin enhancing the healing process of the body. The process starts by increasing the health of the hair follicles and restores hair thickness and strength. The general treatments take an hour or right around there. Therefore, you should be in a position to go back to your daily routine right after the procedure has been performed.

Advantages of PRP with Acell injection therapy

It is clear there an enhancement experienced after attaining the Acell and PRP injection. It begins to have a drastic slowdown in the process of hair loss. This way, it offers you thick hair growth if you are well treated in the areas that have had the problem. In addition, it has minimal invasive techniques like strengthening hair, hair loss prevention, and stimulation of hair growth.

Who is a qualified candidate for PRP with Acell injection therapy?

Are you experiencing hair either as a result of heredity for either male or female pattern loss or any there kind of hair loss? Be sure that the PRP containing the Acell injection therapy can help you manage the situation. Besides that, you can also restore your hair to the kind of hair that is comfortable with you for a more confident appearance. The PRP with Acell injection, when used together, offers optimal results when your hair is at its maximum growing phase. Individuals who have just begun losing their hair and the hair thinning in women have the best encounter with the PRP injection. During your consultation with the doctor, it is important to review vital concerns to discuss goals that will help you determine if the treatment is right for you.

Patients with low content of platelets are not recommended to undergo this procedure to correct their hair loss condition. Also patient with hypofibrinogenemia, instability in hemodynamic or those who hair loss is caused by medication, stress or other treatment should avoid it since it may lead to a reversal of their situation or rather what they are already undergoing. It is always good to keep and vigilant before you make any kind of decision about PRP injection.

Side effects

The side effect that you may get after Acell and PRP injection therapy for your lost hair may involve pain, minimal bleeding, and redness after you get the injections. Some patients who have had this treatment have reported on feeling so tight around the scalp right after injection, which may take up to one day to go away. However, this does not happen to everyone, but it is something you may experience if you are looking forward to this kind of treatment. It is a rare case you will find patients complaining about mild headaches after this injection.

Longevity of the treatment

 The PRP and Acell therapy vary from one patient to another. All this is in the range for several years. Many patients need just one PRP and a single Acell treatment, but patients who have got serious hair thinning may need addiction treatment within two years to build up the initial results.

Who benefits from this treatment?

The treatment of PRP and Acell helps in restoring hair quantity and quality for both men and women. It helps prevent further hair thinning in women and shedding hair in men. The treatment is a good option for the patient who has in the past had surgical hair restoration and wished to enhance the density of the hair without further surgery. Besides, that is can also be used by the patient who wished to maintain their hair without the use of any kind of medication in the likes of Rogaine or Propecia.


PRP and Acell therapy are one of the best and effective non-surgical treatment that gives long term results. The two combinations can be used to enhance positive effects that are got upon receiving a new grafted hair apart from just the injection to stimulate hair growths. Several advantages are surrounding these treatment procedures. If you are planning to undergo this procedure on the verge of restoring your hair, this article is well researched on hair transplant cost. hair transplant and prp + acell, and the information therein will be helpful in the sense that it offers you all you need to know before undergoing it.