A Comprehensive Guide to Kickstart Your Meal Prep Delivery Services by Adopting the Ubereats Clone App

Benchmarking a business is becoming challenging with each passing day, as the marketplace is lining up with the cut-throat competition. Nothing can cause hindrance to your business if you frame out the right business model and offer quality services. With this, we shall move on to know some of the approaches to stick with for your business’s sustainable growth amid any challenges.

Not exaggerating, but the online food delivery service is facing a hyper level of growth that can be witnessed in recent years. This massive demand for online UberEats Clone food delivery services has grounds in the convenience it provides to users.

The Statista website cites that the contribution of food delivery services to global revenue reaches 97 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. With this being the case, the food delivery business is said to have an everlasting presence in the marketplace.

Types of food delivery business models you can consider for your business:

Single restaurant model- In the single restaurant business model, you are the sole proprietor of your meal prep delivery business. If you run a restaurant and wish to take your services online, this model will suit your business. With your fleet of drivers, you can dispatch the orders.

Chain restaurant model- As the name implies, you will connect with various restaurants and list their services on your app. This model is also called multi-vendor, as there are multiple vendors or service providers associated with the business.

Once you decide upon the types of business model to stick with for your business, it’s time to consider a few case studies to help you plan your services.

In this blog, you will learn about the case studies of the popular food giant, UberEats, and how it keeps its pace with modern times.

Quick delivery of orders– UberEats is known for its fast delivery services that deliver orders under 30 minutes from the time of booking. Offering UberEats Clone fast delivery will highly chip in to increase the user retention rate.

Ruling out no minimum order concept– The app accepts every food order and doesn’t impose a minimum order policy. Food delivery businesses should consider including this concept so that you will have the edge over their competitors in catering to users’ needs.

Retaining the user base– Retaining the user base is hard compared to attracting new users. So it is of primary importance to retain users by amusing them with offers and discounts on your services.

Managing fleet of drivers– UberEats has its fleet of drivers or delivery agents to accept numerous user requests and dispatch orders without any delay. Having a set of drivers for your business is beneficial so that you don’t have to reckon with third party delivery agents.

The app for your business– Developing the ideal app to aid your food delivery business plays a crucial role in deciding your business’s success. The app should include modern features, a robust back-end, and an easy-to-understand interface. If you are eyeing to invest in one such app, you can go for UberEats clone app development. In the upcoming sections, you will get to know the app’s functionality and features.

Note: Having a faster loading app and a secure payment gateway will help keep your user rate afloat, failing, which will cause an account to decline in the user base.

Next, we shall move on to the types of food delivery services you can consider to establish your meal prep delivery business.

  • Perishable food delivery services: With this service model, you can offer users food delivery services by adopting the single restaurant model or chain restaurant model.
  • Non-perishable food delivery services- Through this service, you can deliver stored foods like sauces, jams, pickles, etc.,
  • Meal-kit delivery services: The meal-kit delivery service is the talk of the town. Users don’t have to spend a great time prepping their meals. Instead, users can catch hold of meal-kits that contain every ingredient that adds flavor to the meal. Users can choose the type of meal, and the app will suggest the best meal-kit option. Also, users can customize their meal-kits.

With an app like UberEats, you can offer all or any of the above-referenced food delivery services seamlessly. As a next step, you will gain insights into the revenue model of food delivery apps

Delivery fees– You can fix a standard delivery fee or manipulate the fees according to your services. It is recommended to charge a nominal delivery fee so that users can afford to place orders via your UberEats Clone app.

Commission fee– In the chain restaurant model, you will receive a commission fee from restaurants for every order placed via the app. Whereas in the single store delivery model, the concept of commission fee is blurred.

Advertising fees– Captivate more users to your services by displaying restaurants’ offerings under the digital banner section. Displaying ads on your site will spike up your revenue.

As we are chalking out the benefits of the UberEats clone app, here are the app features that add to a rich user experience.

  • Order tracking
  • Schedule delivery
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Availability toggle
  • Delivery planner
  • Route optimizer
  • Push notifications
  • Earnings corner

Paid add-ons of the app,

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Bidding option
  • Live navigation
  • Multiple languages support
  • MLM marketing
  • Geofencing

The clone app package includes the following apps and an admin panel,

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Restaurant Android App
  • Restaurant iOS App
  • Admin Panel
  • Website


On a scale, investing in the UberEats clone app will certainly catalyze your business’s growth in terms of user base and revenue. The real challenge lies in finding the right app development partner who can customize the app according to your specifications. If you end up bumping on to the expert developer, it is a win-win situation for you.