5 Ways to Make Seasonal Content More Engaging

Are you a business owner trying to grow seasonal SEO traffic?  Writing seasonal content for your blog is one way to drive more traffic to your site. Typically, the content strategy for most businesses would be to create a mixed bag to accomplish the goals.

While there are a few topics that talk about traditional ideas but the ones that are more click-worthy are the seasonal posts. The latter not only attracts but engages the readers instantly. But nothing seems easy in content creation. At the same time, you might lose a chunk of your following if you are not sure about how to make seasonal posts more engaging and SEO-friendly. That is when you need a professional content writer for hire.

Get started with the basics

Before you take the plunge and start framing seasonal content, here are the basic things to get started with:

  • When writing seasonal content, make sure you execute it well enough to draw the audience’s attention.
  • Know the difference between writing a general and a seasonal post
  • You need to develop a seasonal calendar to know how to go about creating posts based on multiple seasons and occasions related to them

Significance of seasonal posts

Imagine how you decide which clothes you need to put on every day. You surely have the clothes that you wear to your workplace and a separate set of garments that you wear onother occasions. So, it seems office wear has much less variation compared to the other set of clothes.

Therefore, you feel less interested to go to your office with the same set of clothes repeated in cycles over and over again. A similar thing applies to content. When you get bored of the general posts, you start discussing with a few SEO content writing services to post seasonal content related to your business.

5 ways to create seasonal posts

Are you all geared up to create seasonal posts? Here are the tips you need to follow to develop seasonal content that drives traffic. Here is what you need to know.

  1. Exploring trends
  2. Talk about Christmas or Halloween, your posts will fall flat until you know what kind of content works in your industry. No matter what you write or from where you write, try to include multiple trends that also align with your industry.

    For instance, if you own a catering business, ranking the posts would be easier if you know how to move ahead of the competition. Indeed, a professional article-writing service is better equipped to deal with seasonal posts. Do you know the reason? They use the latest tools like Feedly, Google Trends, Social media hashtags, and Twitter lists to create trending seasonal topics.

  3. Kind of content
  4. What kind of content are you planning to write for your blog posts? A lot depends on the skills of the writer. An experienced writer will have higher chances of ranking whatever they write or choosing low-volume keywords and trying to rank them. Accordingly, you can write recipes, and create content for videos, how-to contents, or social media posts.

    The higher the variety of content the better the chance of ranking higher on search engine results page. So, a blog post may not create a spark but embedding videos or adding pictures to it can push ahead your visibility higher on the search engine.

  5. Timed posts
  6. Seasonal content won’t do well at all times of the year, so make sure you handle the timing of the posts. You can begin writing Christmas-related posts a few months before the day as there are plenty of aspects and trends on which you can write freely. So, aim for the best time when penning down seasonal content. Therefore, you can approach professional content writing services if you want search engines to rank them. Content Freelancing is one of the prominent content writing agencies from where you can hire writers to ensure that your content is ready for posting in crucial times.

  7. Create purposeful content
  8. When you create seasonal posts, make sure you have the audience’s interests in mind. You need not just dance to the tune of the latest trends but make sure it has everything to create interest in the reader’s mind. Overall, the content needs to generate value for the audience.

  9. Use Keywords
  10. Keywords may make a drastic difference between content that picks momentum and one that does not. Therefore, conducting SEO keyword research is a must to know what readers find popular. Make sure that you don’t stuff the content with keywords, instead place them strategically in the content body, Header tags, Meta title and description, and in the title. Similarly, when writing content for social media you need to orient the topic based on keywords and hashtags that are often searched but not very competitive.

A successful strategy for writing seasonal content goes a long way in revving up your search engine rankings. Make sure you follow the guidelines here to create compelling content that increases the click through rate.