5 Tips to Help You Choose The Best Smartphone Online

Nowadays people could not think of life without mobile phones. Smartphones have become an important part of everyone’s life.  Almost everything can be done with the help of mobile phones. These phones are in a variety of ranges so that everyone could easily afford them. 

Within 10000 one could easily get a mobile phone which will be quite decent and almost loaded with every necessary feature.

There are huge numbers of mobile phones available in the market within this price range. And this further makes it quite difficult for people to choose the correct phones for themselves. Therefore it is necessary to look into the specifications very carefully.

  • Battery Lifespan:

Those who use too many apps all at once or simultaneously should choose smartphones that have a battery that could easily last for a longer time. This is because using many apps could drain the phone’s battery very fast. For example, those who are gamers or those who are indulged in long hours of work such as video editors, these people need phones that have decent battery life.

  • Processor & Memory:

The processor is equivalent to the brain of a system. If the smartphone has a good processor then automatically it will run smoothly. Processor and memory go simultaneously. There are processors like Quad-Core, Snapdragon, Octa Core, and many more. A good processor also does help in improving other features. Next comes the memory capacity of the mobile phone. 

It is quite obvious that the phones which have high memory capacity do not lag. It always runs smoothly. And for mobiles under 10000 one must be very careful to find the right mobile that has a decent storage capacity and processor. 

There are even other options to increase storage by inserting an external memory card. The apps that are already installed on the phone, to be more precise apps that are inbuilt cover almost a lot of space. So, for this reason, it is better to go for those mobiles which have good storage.

  • Camera:

There will always be a craze to buy a iphone se rose gold smartphone that has the best camera. It is the very first thing that comes to mind before or while buying a phone. And nowadays there are many rear cameras. So people tend to get attracted to those phones which have more than one rear camera. 

We often think that those phones which have a camera of very high megapixel capture the best photo. However, it is not always true. Those mobile phones that have much fewer megapixels can also capture great pictures. It just depends on the camera settings and the person capturing the photo.

  • Good Display:

As the day goes by, smartphone companies are increasing the screen size of their products. And for this people tend to prefer bigger screen sizes more than those that are small in size. The big screen will help gamers to give them the best gaming experience. And also those who watch videos on mobile phones get relief because of a big display.

  • Miscellaneous features:

Other features involve the security functions of the phone. It also depends on the user interface. One could also check whether the phone supports a fingerprint sensor and whether the device is powerful or not. It is also good to check all other security options as people tend to keep most of their personal information on mobile phones. The outer look of the phone even matters to many people. People are attracted to those phones that have a classy look or that are quite stylish.

Smartphones that are within the range of 10000 are-

Realme c11 is one of the best mobiles that is within this range. It costs around 9000. The storage of this phone is 32GB. The screen size is 6.5 inches. And its battery life is also quite good according to this price range. And its processor is also decent. Overall, at this price range, it is a good decent mobile.

Another top phone is Realme Narzo 30A which has a classy look. It seems to look quite expensive but it costs around 8000. Every basic feature is available in this phone. It has a 32GB capacity of storage which has a screen size of 6.5 inches.

Other phones in this range are- Infinix Smart5, Redmi 10A, Samsung Galaxy M11, and many more.

Overall, numerous mobile phones are within the range of 10000. One just needs to find out the correct one that involves every feature that the person wants in his/her mobile phone. They need to know every detail of the phone of their choice and it is also better to compare with other various phones of the same price range. 

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