Types of Flow Control Valve and Its Costs as per Specification

Flow control valves come in different types. And you can use them in other industries and uses. Flow control valves help to control the flow or pressure of liquids. These valves can serve any different function in a hydraulic system. This will depend on the specific type that you used. The most common use of flow control valves is to regulate the speed of motors in a cylinder.
Flow control valves are flexible, and they are used in many applications. You can rely on these valves because they can last for a long time. They can not clog due to their make. These valves are also cost-effective, and so they can help you save some money. Here are some of the most common control valves.

Gate Valves

These flow control valves are for available valves. They are mainly used on/off services. You can use these valves in applications that need a straight flow with little restriction. Gate valves have a unique way of operating. Then you rotate the stem in a clockwise direction to close or clockwise to open. The gate moves up or down on the threaded step when you move them. You will have to rotate this valve several times for it to close or open. This is because it is a multi-threaded one.

Most engineers use this valve when they need minimum pressure and a free bore. These valves do not have an obstruction in their flow path, leading to minimal pressure loss. You may use this valve in many fluids. Gate valve is mainly used in wastewater applications, portable water, and neutral fluids. You will find these flow control valves in two types. These are parallel and wedge-shaped.

Globe Valves

A Globe flow valve is a direct motion valve used to start, stop and regulate the flow of liquids. These valves operate by using a plug that features a bottom convex that is lowered in the middle of the valve. When you open this valve, the pin will rise to enable the flow of liquids. These valves are usually used for on/off and throttling applications. This is because you can remove the disk from the valve entirely. You can use these valves in applications where pressure drops in a valve are not a controlling factor.

Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are the most cost-effective valves that are available in the market today. These valves are fit for dirty fluids. These valves operate by use of more free elements like rubber tubes. You will have to pinch these rubber tubes to turn off the flow. The pinch valves are cost-effective because their body has a built-in actuator, and this eliminates expensive hydraulic.

Diaphragm Valves

These flow control valves have a flexible disc. This disc contacts a seat at the top of the control valve and creates a seal. The diaphragm is usually flexible, and it responds to pressure. These valves operate the same way as pinch control valves. They work using an elastomeric diaphragm instead of an elastomeric liner in its body. These valves are fit for dirty, corrosive, and erosive fluids. This is because they do not wear or tear. Diaphragm valves are usually the best because they are clean and easy to maintain and prevent leakage.

Needle Valves

The needle valves are used to control the flow of liquids in small pipes. These valves are the same as globe valves because they share the same features and have the same advantages. You can use these valves using little force as well. Also, you can use these valves in a wide range of applications to control the flow of liquids.

Check Valve

A check valve is used to stop the backflow of liquid. These valves are typically self-started, allowing the valve to automatically open and close when fluid passes through the control flow valve in the intended direction. Close should flow in the reverse direction. First, you have to try then you will remember all the time that this valve is most beneficial for your industries.

Final Thought

Flow control valve is essential in most industries. The best flow control valve depends on the application. The above types are the most common ones. Always ask for help from the manufacturers if you have a problem looking for the perfect flow control valve.