The Ultimate Guide to the Star Wars Rey Lightsaber Gadgets

Currently, Star Wars has become a cultural phenomenon due to its memorable music, iconic characters, and amazing storylines. Every time a new installation is released, fans become excited as this adds to the flavor of the movies. For the third trilogy of Star Wars, the heroine – Rey Skywalker wields a blue lightsaber throughout but surprises many of her fans by appearing with a newer yellow lightsaber at the end of the film. There have been other gadgets used by Rey Skywalker. In today’s post, we offer an ultimate guide to the Star Wars Rey Lightsaber gadgets by assessing their most important features and how to reap the most from these gadgets.

  1. Price

Star Wars Rey Lightsaber gadgets are generally affordable, yet appear more exquisitely than most sabers and offer all the necessary features. For instance, the Ahsoka Tano Lightsabers retail at approximately $460.00, which is far less than other lightsabers in the same category. Some of its features include the presence of a brightness efficiency switching, 20 custom sound fonts with the ability to add more due to the 16GB SD card that is included as default, high-quality speakers that allow clear sound production, a detachable blade, rechargeable battery using USB cable functionality, a metallic hilt, flash on clash functionality, and a long-life battery. When looking for the Ahsoka Tano Lightsaber, you should be keen to identify these and other features to ensure that no one sells a counterfeit product to you. As a result of many dealers worldwide, you should always buy your Star Wars Rey Lightsabers from reputable manufacturers and vendors.

  • Unique and Stylish Design

Star Wars Rey Lightsabers have a unique design. Particularly, the Star Wars Rey Yellow Lightsaber is thick and has a well-designed gray metallic handle. The handle is then covered with a fabric strip to enable its wielder to enjoy a better grip. While using the Rey Yellow Lightsaber, there are close to zero chances of it slipping through your palm. Consequently, its wielder is more likely to win over the opponent as he is assured of a firm grip throughout the dueling process. Compared to other lightsabers that often appear to be thin and sleek, the Star Wars Rey Yellow Lightsaber is advantageous as its weight enables swifter propulsion, enabling it to cut through even the thickest of materials. This makes it a deadlier lightsaber than any other in the Star Wars games. Moreover, one end of the handle has a blade emitter that offers an atypical mechanism. For the laser to shoot, one uses the rotating gear unlike the classical activation button found in all other lightsabers. To rotate the gear, one sweeps the thumb laterally, making visible the yellow Kyber Crystal. Can there be any other lightsaber as stylish as this masterpiece?

  • A Rich History of Users

Star Wars Rey Lightsabers have been wielded by renowned Star Wars fighters such as Asajj Ventress who was Count Dooku’s apprentice. In the sixth Star Wars comic book by Marvel Comics, Luke Skywalker also wields a yellow lightsaber. However, he does not use it as the main saber, but as a replacement during a time of emergency as he lost his blue lightsaber to Vader during the fifth Star Wars. The blue lightsaber had once belonged to Anakin. Moreover, Ahsoka Tano uses the yellow lightsaber as an accompaniment to his green lightsaber while participating in the Clone Wars. This gave the yellow lightsaber a new name – the Ahsoka Tano Legacy Lightsaber. The Star Wars Rey Lightsaber was intended to honor the Skywalker legacy through Rey, the last descendant of the Skywalker genealogy. Courtesy of the renowned Star Wars fighters who have used Star Wars Lightsabers, it came to be considered one of the most important lightsabers albeit its original user wielding it only a few moments to the end of the movie.

  • Several Intimidating Features

As a personal weapon, the Star Wars Rey Lightsaber had to encompass several features that could enable its wielder to win over her opponents. As a Jedi, Rey Skywalker could not wield any ordinary saber. The features thereof had to be superior to the extent of scaring her opponents. For instance, the yellow color is, in itself, intimidation as it has a rich history among Star Wars fighters. It is often symbolic of the perfect balance of wisdom, strength, and humility. Therefore, whoever wields such a lightsaber distinguishes him or herself as very wise, strong, yet humble. He or she is not a fighter to defeat so easily. Ideally, Rey exhibits intensive control over her dark side as she comes from the Darth Sidious family. She also had a vision of herself as a Sith. However, managing to control these powers required someone with extraordinary powers. These were granted by the yellow hue of her lightsaber. Therefore, wielding the Star Wars Rey Yellow Lightsaber is intimidating to opponents, especially those who understand what the yellow color represents in combat.

Indeed, there have been many types of lightsabers in Star Wars history. However, there has not been any that defeats the extraordinary features exhibited by the Star Wars Rey Lightsaber gadgets. So far, the gadgets are the only ones that are fairly priced, yet they offer more than the services offered by other lightsabers. They also come in stylish and unique designs. Additionally, they have previously been used by highly revered Star Wars characters, making them highly desirable. Based on the reputation of those characters, many fans want to own any of the gadgets. This makes their demand rise. Lastly, they have several intimidating features. Whoever wields any of these gadgets is often feared. As a result, most Star Wars fans wish to own them. In my own opinion, I think your collection of lightsabers cannot be complete if you have not acquired Rey Skywalker’s yellow lightsaber. Given that it only appeared for the shortest period in the history of Star Wars, and fans are unaware if it will ever be seen again, it is worth collecting it to enrich your history.