Leverage your vacation rental business using our script built with extensive customization

There has been a massive demand for making a vacation rental app. Even a significant company like Airbnb owns 10-15% of the vacation rental market. This leaves the rest(40-50%) of the need for other startups like you to build an app similar to Airbnb.

It is a known fact that launching a successful app for your vacation rental business is quite challenging but not impossible. Here, we will help you lower down the tech barrier for your business. No matter what you are trying to build your app, the latest technologies will keep your app intuitive and make your users use the app consistently, thus leading to huge profits.

An on-demand trend with vacation rental app

The emergence of on-demand services has totally changed the way people perceive most things. This new on-demand trend has transformed various sectors like cab booking, travel, hospitality, food delivery. People prefer getting their tasks to be done with the aid of mobile apps. This is the reason behind the huge success of platforms like Airbnb.

Mainly Airbnb, which became an overnight sensation, is now a billion-dollar company since its launch. The demand for such platforms is high across the globe as it helps businesses to reach out to a global audience. And this is one of the major reasons behind the increasing number of vacation rental mobile apps in the app stores.

So, if you have an idea to build a vacation rental app, then without prodding further, let us dive into the development of your own on-demand vacation rental app.

How does the Vacation rental app work?

The actual workflow of the app is as follows:

  • In the vacation rental booking script, a host lists their property and essential details like pricing, facilities available, etc.
  • Now the user who is looking for a vacation rental searches for a place on the app. They search with a search radius, price range, zip codes, and their other preferences.
  • After finding a perfect place to rent, now the user makes a booking request in the app.
  • Now, the host receives the user request. Hosts are given the flexibility to accept or decline the request in the app.
  • If a host approves the request, a specified amount is deducted from the user’s bank account via the app’s payment options.
  • After the stay, the payment is automatically paid to the concerned host.
  • Now, users and hosts give reviews about their views and opinions via a vacation rental app.

Statista about vacation rental booking platforms

Most of them love to travel and explore the world, and they spend their maximum time scheduling, planning, and booking. These on-demand vacation rental booking apps make users’ lives easier by finding an affordable place to stay and explore places with their budget using such vacation rental apps.

  1. The rapid growth at a CAGR of 7.4% puts predicted revenue at $59 billion by the year 2022.
  2. In the year 2019, vacation rental booking hit $170 billion.
  3. It is estimated from the stats that the vacation rental booking scripts will overtake the hotel industry over a few years.

Hence, this platform’s scope is wide and huge, and this is the right time for you to kickstart your journey in building such a robust vacation rental app.

What is the concept of Vacation Rental?

This ever-growing market is entirely different from the traditional method of booking hotel rooms.But here, the homeowners provide the travelers and guests to stay in their residence. Therefore, here it is not a hotel but a residential property, and the stay of the travelers is short-term, which could be less than a month.

The renowned vacation rental platforms like Airbnb allow travelers to find short-term rental homes/places to stay. At the same time, they permit the homeowners to put their homes on rent. They charge a particular fee from owners.

Now that you want to build a vacation rental mobile app for your business, consider the following beforehand.

  • Do Complete market research.
  • Ensure to offer a unique and customized traveling experience to your users in your app.
  • Build a secure platform for homeowners and visitors.

Salient features of Vacation rental script

Video Integration
Build an app with this feature that impresses your users with videos showcasing the property or the accommodation space for a unique experience.

Smart Search
This feature showcases results based on user inputs.

Social media login
Users can log-in directly via their existing social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, or others.

Multi-language accessibility
Ensure to build an app that supports numerous languages like English, Spanish, Mandarin, and others to cater to the global audience.

In-app payment
In an app like vacation rental script, all popular national and international payment gateways are integrated into the app.
Design in such a way that helps your users to have swift and secure payment.

Unique Home Page
The app is developed with full customization and can be altered as per your business needs. Sections like ‘Most Popular’ or video slider banner can be included in the homepage that keeps users engaged with the app.

Property Details
This feature displays the property’s explicit details, including interior, exterior, space, infrastructure, walk-around video, and more.

Time-based booking
This feature in the vacation rental app allows property hosts to set the minimum and maximum time limit for guests to rent. The time can be set from hours to days, as per the host’s discretion.

How does our script help start your vacation rental business?

  • Our Travel booking script helps you lead the vacation rental industry in no time with our intuitive and high-quality apps.
  • The cutting-edge has been integrated with power-packed features, including social media login that permits travelers and hosts to log-in using their social media accounts.
  • The vacation rental software development has guests who can choose from a wide range of rental options from an interactive user-interface to help boost
    their booking experience.
  • We make your vacation rental platform customize according to your ideas to support various languages and multi-currency to cater to a wider audience.

Bottom Line,

We also offer packages and deliver the most advanced vacation rental app development solutions for your business and offer a high-quality app that boosts your business growth.