Jain Farm Rural Farm Experience Near Bangalore 


Many people who want to escape their hectic schedules and enjoy the tranquillity of nature find Jain Farm, a rural farm in Bangalore City, to be the perfect destination. Here, people from urban cities can get a chance to spend some time with their loved ones in the countryside because the Jain farm is a rural farm. 

This farm, which spans 700 acres of land, provides visitors with a distinctive rural experience. The Jain Farm is the main subject of this article, along with some of its unique features that draw tourists seeking to experience the serenity and beauty of rural India.

Location of Jain Farm 

Jain Farm is primarily located on Bangalore’s outskirts. From the city’s centre, it is about 50 kilometres away. Byagadadenahalli, a tiny village in Nelamangala Taluk, is where the farm is situated. This is a prime location that both tourists and residents of the nearby towns and cities can easily access.

Highlights of Jain Farms rural farm Bangalore Day Out 

  • With your loved ones you are able to spend a relaxing day in the tranquil village-themed setting of Jain Farms Bangalore.
  • People can enjoy village life by participating in activities like pottery making, archery, and cart rides.
  • Live entertainment performances like magic shows and horse dances are organised for the guests to unwind during their relaxing evening.
  • Throughout the stay at the farm, guests are served with delicious vegetarian lunch, evening snacks, and hi-tea.

Staying at Jain Farm 

You won’t be dissatisfied with the level of hospitality you experience from the locals. The visitor’s accommodations actually have a wide range of options. There are about 20 cottages on the Jain farm, and each one comfortably sleeps four people. The cottage has all the necessities and was thoughtfully constructed with the visitors’ comfort in mind. You have the option of living in a dorm if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Around 50 people can stay in the dorm at once.

The dormitory and cottages are made to help visitors experience a genuine, down-to-earth rural farm stay. The majority of the materials used to construct the cottages are obtained locally and arranged so as to blend in with the surrounding environment. As soon as you arrive, it will be impossible for you to distinguish your cottage from the nearby homes. 

The speciality of Food at Jain Farm 

Jain Farm serves its visitors South Indian thali, which is typically made with ingredients sourced locally, to provide them with authentic and regional cuisine. Although generally straightforward, the food served is incredibly nourishing. The dining hall serves meals so that guests can experience the local culture. For visitors who want to learn how to cook traditional South Indian dishes, there is even a provision for cooking classes. You have the opportunity to receive hands-on training from top-notch chefs who will inform you more about the regional cuisine and its preparation techniques.

Activities to do on the farm 

During your visit to Jain Farm, you can choose from an endless list of options for a variety of activities. The most popular activity for visitors is farming, where they partake in a variety of farming tasks like ploughing, sowing, and even harvesting crops. The visitors can gain knowledge of the farming practices still used in rural areas of our nation in this way.

In addition to traditional farming, you can go for morning or evening walks outdoors and observe migratory birds. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to investigate the unusual flora and fauna in the surrounding countryside. The farm is home to a wide range of birds, including parrots, eagles, kingfishers, peacocks, and more.

You can try rock climbing and zip lining if you’re still looking for adventurous activities because they will give you an adrenaline rush.

Events organised by Jain Farm

Do you have any plans for a family gathering in a rural area? Then Jain Farm won’t let you down because it’s a great location for big occasions and a place to celebrate. Its spacious open auditorium, which can accommodate 500 people, is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, conferences, and other events.

The farm’s space is so big that it can also be used for outdoor events like festivals and musical performances. This farm hosted the yearly rural festival in Bangalore. Many festivals and cultural events have previously been held on this farm.


Jain Farm is dedicated to upholding conventional farming methods and protecting the surrounding environment. The majority of the crops that are produced are organic and contain no traces of chemical fertilisers. The local communities benefit most by having jobs available, and it also helps local artisans show off their talents to the rest of the nation. Jain Farm is the perfect destination for visitors thanks to its contemporary accommodations that still have a hint of the local flavour, delicious regional cuisine, and variety of activities.