Facilities that Set the Best CBSE Schools Near me in Pune Apart for Class 7 Admissions

When it comes to choosing the best CBSE school for class 7 admission in Pune, parents often find themselves in a dilemma due to the plethora of options available. The best CBSE schools near me in Pune offer a range of facilities that can make a significant difference in shaping the overall growth and development of students. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best facilities provided by CBSE schools in Pune for class 7 admission.

Some Of The Best Facilities Provided By Cbse Schools In Pune

Quality Education: 

The primary objective of CBSE schools in Pune is to provide quality education to students. These schools follow the CBSE curriculum, which is recognized globally for its high standards. The curriculum focuses on conceptual learning, practical applications, and real-life experiences. It ensures that students have a strong foundation in all the subjects they study, preparing them for higher education.

Well-Equipped Classrooms: 

CBSE schools in Pune have well-equipped classrooms that provide an ideal learning environment for students. The classrooms have roomy, bright seating areas and good lighting. They are equipped with modern teaching aids like projectors, audio-visual aids, and smart boards that make learning engaging and interactive.

Highly Qualified Faculty: 

The faculty at CBSE schools in Pune comprises highly qualified and experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching. They have a deep understanding of the subjects they teach and are skilled at imparting knowledge to students. The teachers use innovative teaching methods to make learning fun and engaging, ensuring that students grasp concepts thoroughly.

Extracurricular Activities: 

CBSE schools in Pune offer a range of extracurricular activities that help students develop their skills and talents. Among these include sports, music, dancing, art, and theatre. They provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests and develop their personalities. The schools have well-equipped sports facilities, music rooms, dance studios, and art rooms that allow students to excel in their chosen activities.


CBSE schools in Pune have well-stocked libraries that provide students with access to a vast collection of books, journals, and reference materials. The libraries have a peaceful and conducive environment that encourages students to read and learn. The schools have dedicated librarians who help students find the resources they need and guide them in their research.

Technology Integration: 

CBSE schools in Pune integrate technology into their teaching methods to enhance the learning experience of students. The schools use software and tools that aid in learning, such as educational apps, interactive videos, and online learning platforms. This integration of technology ensures that students are familiar with the latest tools and techniques used in their respective fields.

Student Support: 

CBSE schools in Pune have a dedicated support system for students that provides them with academic and emotional support. The schools have counsellors who provide guidance and support to students who face academic or personal challenges. They ensure that students receive the necessary support to overcome their difficulties and succeed in their academic and personal lives.

Parent-Teacher Interaction: 

CBSE schools in Pune believe in the importance of parent-teacher interaction. The schools organize regular parent-teacher meetings where parents can discuss their child’s progress with the teachers. The meetings provide parents with insights into their child’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to provide the necessary support at home.

Safety and Security: 

CBSE schools in Pune prioritize the safety and security of their students. The schools have well-trained security personnel who ensure that the school premises are safe and secure. The schools have CCTV cameras installed throughout the campus, ensuring that students are under constant surveillance.

Last words

CBSE schools in Pune offer a range of facilities that make them the best choice for class 7 admission. These facilities ensure that students receive quality education and an overall learning experience that prepares them for a successful future. Parents must evaluate the facilities provided by different CBSE schools before making a final decision.