7 Hogwarts Legacy Funny Mods That Will Make You Laugh

Players looking for a good laugh should try these hilarious mods for Hogwarts Legacy.

There are numerous mods available for Hogwarts Legacy on PC, with some boosting player experience and others making the game more immersive. On the other hand, there are many stupid mods that are only for fun.

These amusing Hogwarts Legacy hacks take many shapes, from adorable green ogres masquerading as brooms to mods that turn terrible spiders into appetizing burgers. What they all have in common is a natural knack to make others laugh.

The Hog-Thomas Express

The Hog-Thomas Express in Hogwarts Legacy

The renowned train that takes students to and from Hogwarts is the Hogwarts Express. However, Thomas the Tank Engine is an equally iconic train, and this mod replaces the Hogwarts Express with Thomas.

Players who have this mod loaded will be able to visit Hogsmeade Station and watch Thomas’ cheerful visage and bright blue coat of paint going past. Thomas the Tank Engine isn’t a new addition to moddable games; in fact, there’s another one within Hogwarts Legacy that replaces the broom with Thomas.

Magic Gun

Magic Gun

The Magic Gun mod is ideal for gamers that desire more of a Grand Theft Auto feel in their Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. Carrying a modern rifle around instead of a wand is certainly amusing, especially given the rustic location.

While the mod simply replaces the wand and has no effect on the spells cast, there are other spell mods for Hogwarts Legacy, such as one that allows players to say the incantations aloud into their headphones.

No Spiders – Replace Spider To Burger – Arachnophobia Mod

No Spiders - Replace Spider To Burger - Arachnophobia Mod

Spiders are one of the more vexing foes in Hogwarts Legacy, but for those who suffer from Arachnophobia, they can be far more than a nuisance. While there are a few mods that address this fear, one of the more amusing responses is one that turns all spiders into burgers. Instead of being afraid, players can now giggle as they defeat these burgers.

The patch even goes so far as to replace any image of spiders, such as those portrayed on signs or in the Arithmancy Door riddles, with a different image of a spider. Naturally, these have also been replaced by appetizing-looking burgers.

Ford Anglia 105e

Ford Anglia 105e

One of the better broom mods for Hogwarts Legacy transforms the broom into Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia, the car in which Harry and Ron flew to Hogwarts in their second year.

This car, which was first sold in 1959, is entirely out of place in the late nineteenth-century setting of Hogwarts Legacy, but watching it whizzing about bucolic Victorian villages is exactly what makes it so amusing. Furthermore, unlike Harry and Ron, if players avoid crashing their cars, they will be able to arrive at every mission and Merlin Trial in style.

Lightsaber Wands

Lightsaber Wands

Crossing across fandoms is always entertaining, and this is especially true when the world of Harry Potter meets the Star Wars saga. Players will be able to swap their wands with a lightsaber of their choice with this mod, allowing them to disguise themselves as an undercover Jedi or Sith attending Hogwarts.

There are currently three lightsaber wands available, two of which are simple green and blue, and the third is a red lightsaber inspired by Kylo Ren’s.

Voldemort – Character

Voldemort - Character

Hogwarts Legacy takes place decades before the birth of a particular Tom Riddle, and even longer before he assumes the title of Lord Voldemort. However, players who want to attend Hogwarts as Voldemort in his late sixties as a fifth-year student can now do so!

The humor of attending courses and watching sequences as Voldemort is unparalleled, especially if players choose the extremely polite conversation options that go against his nature. Specific objectives add to the excitement of this wonderful character mod, such as attempting to rescue cute Mooncalves named Biscuit.

Shrek Broom

Shrek Broom

While there are many fantastic brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, one of Spacebar Clicker game’s most amusing mods replaces the broom with everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek. Flying around on Shrek’s back, players may see the lovely scenery surrounding Hogwarts in a whole new light.

It’s difficult not to giggle the first time you see this ridiculous mod, but experiencing it in-game is something else entirely. The contrast between the very lifelike Victorian wizarding realm and a gigantic green monster soaring around is too perfect.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4 and Xbox One versions arriving on May 5 and a Switch release on July 25.